Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Local quilt show

I went to my local guild's quilt show over the weekend. There were some quilts I thought were great.
First is my friend  Claire's quilt based on the blocks she made during my sow-a-long. I love how she made the border!

Then I saw this quilt with some very small pieces! I think the squares are maybe 1@!

I am a big lover of Lori Smith's patterns. I loved this quilt:

Do you remember the Just Takes 2 project a bunch of us did? It was done in red and white . Here is the original color scheme followed by a version  in 1930s fabrics. I really like how it turned out that way. She substituted some blocks and I think I actually like it better with the 30s fabrics. Maybe I'm still sick of it!! Mine is with my machine quilter!


  1. Claire's is wonderful and I sure like all those tiny little half square triangles...

  2. What a great setting of Claire's Barrister's Blocks!
    I'm glad I am not the one who had to square up all of those HSTs! Very stunning effect!
    I really like the JT2 in the 30s prints!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the quilt photos. They are all so beautiful. Hugs

  4. Every one of them is just amazingly beautiful. I really love the red and white version of Just takes two....but that one in 30's fabric is a WOW.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. gorgeous, just gorgeous,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. I really like the pastel "Just takes 2" quilt. Beautiful.

  7. AMAZINGLY talented quilters ... thanks for the "eye candy" and adding more ideas to my bucket list!

  8. Oh yeah I like it a lot in the 30,s fabric!
    Yeah this quilt will be a UFO for a long time.........
    I really should get back to it huh?

    Thanks for the mini show :0)
    Happy Sewing

  9. Love the baby half squares. I agree, the just takes two looks wonderful in aunt Gracie