Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More from Paris

This is the flyer for the show:
Here are more of the quilts we saw at Charles' show over the weekend. He even had piles of quilts for sale! Good thing I didn't have extra room in my suitcase!!

Note the crown molding in the corner!

I think I need to make this! So simple but effective!

I love this picture of Will taking her own photo!

Simple flying geese

Simple 9 patch but dramatic with the dark setting squares 

The spools on the door was awesome but tough to photograph 

One table's offerings- all for sale

Close up- I love the red/white squares under the tops

More log cabins 

We were stumped on this pattern: spider web or kaleidoscope??

I love this one too!

Here are Will and I with the host Charles, holding the tiny postage stamp top (1/2") her friend bought!

I love this simple block:

Charles also collects (and sews) samplers! They were in a very narrow hallway so they didn't photograph very well but I was so impressed with them!

This was over a doorway but I'm hoping you can see the Hawaiian patterns sewn by Charles too!

I'm now back home and feel so lucky to have seen such awesome quilts! I'm ready to sew like crazy, if I can just get over the jet lag! Tough problem to have! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Antique quilt collection

Will has a friend here in Paris who collects antique quilts! Imagine seeing antique quilts from the U.S. In Paris of all places!!
Charles is a collector of beautiful quilts in one of the most spectacular apartments in Paris that I've ever seen. When we were leaving, Will was joking (maybe not) that she should have an apartment like that! We all should be so lucky!!
Actually Charles was a charming host and what a treat to meet him! Thanks to Will for bringing me along!!

Remember that Paris apartments are usually very small-- not this one!!

I loved this one!

His favorite is a log cabin-- you'll see why

I love this album pattern 

Log cabin of course 

This was in the living room with two large floor to windows overlooking the Seine with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance! More log cabins

A hallway 

This hexagon top was in the entryway! I loved it!

Close up

This was in a bedroom- the blue and red quilt on the wall is one of my favorites 

Close up 

Other wall in bedroom 

Close up

I have more to show you but it'll have to wait until Wednesday. We fly home tomorrow!

Just so you know where I went:
We passed under tonight after dinner and I still have to pinch myself!!

Life is good!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Will's larger quilts

Because she has a true shortage of space, Will prefers to make tops rather than "quilts"... She doesn't quilt many of her tops. So these pictures are of tops--- and let me tell you, she sure does make a lot! I don't know when she gets the time! Many are hand pieced. All are absolutely perfect-- all her points meet up. My favorite thing in looking at Will's quilts is her fabric choices. She has an amazing ability to put such a variety of fabrics together to create beautiful effects!

This is a Quiltmania project that's been  a mystery. I think it's a Di Ford pattern

Here's her newest border with hexies. You can't tell but her vine is a multicolored print that's not even green!

Postage stamp but on point!!

Gorgeous sampler 

Around the world-- done perfectly without a design wall

The setting triangles are a large scale blue floral. I think she said that it was a Dutch chintz

Tiny tiny pineapples 

This medallion is gorgeous! I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture! Too many borders!

What great colors- I wouldn't have thought of using purple as sashing!

A great log cabin setting 

I love the simplicity of this!

I'm not finding a picture of her Nearly Insane quilt. I wonder if I was in such awe that I failed to take a picture! Damn!

Hope you enjoyed these! 

Will took me to a friend's apartment who is a quilt collector! I've got pictures to post from that amazing experience next!