Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lesson for the day and a CONTEST

I'm getting my projects together to ship to Wisconsin for my retreat time next week and was truly stumped. I just didn't know what I felt like working on. More like which UFO was calling my name the loudest!  And there were quilt a few. 

I finally decided on a pink and brown quilt I saw in Houston maybe 15 yrs ago. That's an old UFO. 

I've been working on it little by little. There's the lesson for today!!  Finish what you start, especially if you're almost done!!

This is what I found:

That box also had all my border fabrics!

At least they're labeled, thanks to Diane Quale!!  So I'm going to wade through the mess, press the scraps and pack it up to ship today. Hopefully I can figure out where I left off. Probably would've taken less time to just have finished it last time!  Ugh

Now I have a question for you: what would you make with this fabulous toile-type fabric??  My dear friend Will gave this to me when I saw her in Decrmber and I'm struggling. 

The best idea will get a prize!! I'll draw on Monday. Be sure to include your email address. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Q is for quilt

I picked up my 6 yr old grandson yesterday after kindergarten and he had one of my quilts in his backpack. He told me it was for show n tell. 

Today I took him to school and helped in the class. His teacher actually told me that yesterday was Q day and the kids were to bring a Q item to share. Ryan was very proud of the quilt!!  I thought that was just adorable. 

We left early for school so we stopped for a morning snack:
I am a bad nana! Cake pops before school!!! Vbg

On a quilt front, I made the second block for the 1857 Album Quilt. Thank you, Lori, for reminding me that it's ok to machine appliqué!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Circa 2016 and a little appliqué

I'm trying to stay up to date with this weekly project from Temecula quilts.This week's assignment was to make 28 hourglass blocks!!

I am sorry to admit that I couldn't get the measurement right on the companion angle ruler so I made them how I always do: I made half square triangles, put two together with the opposite fabrics matching and sewed on both sides of the diagonal line. Then squared them up since they were too large!! Better big than too small is my motto!!

Two pairs:

And then I decided to actually do a little appliqué, remembering that I can sew the pieces down by machine!! Duh!!

This is the first block in the 1857 Album Quilt. I'm just a bit behind!!

Did I mention that my Brrnina 1130 started having issues after I made that great bag?? Ugh!! That'll teach me! 

 The feed dogs stopped feeding the fabric!  I took it to my mechanic and the machine then worked. Took it home and was able to sew for 5 minutes before it did the same thing again. You know where this is going, right??!!  
Took it in yesterday and it worked. My friend Bonnie suggested it stops when it gets heated up.  Grrrrr
I am going to try a Bernina shop tomorrow and see what they have to say!! Ever heard of this?? No, the feed dogs are not down!! And yes, the machine otherwise works.  

It's my favorite every day machine so I'm now using my gorgeous black 301, which may have sabotaged the whole thing!!  I'll keep you posted!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bullseye instructions

You should have sewn all your bullseye blocks by this time.  They will look like this:

Or this:

Then you are going to cut each block into quarters:

And now you re-sew 4 different quarters together!

You'll want to square the blocks up to 8-1/2". Sew them into rows and see the rows together. 


Please send me your photos!! Hope you enjoyed this project!! What shall we do next??? Vbg

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Westering women

Is anyone doing this block of the month? I'm kind of missing the stars in a time warp!! I'm doing the Circa 2016 but couldn't resist this one!!

Here is my block, which is similar to the sample. Oh well. I like red/white/blue together!!

I especially love my gold fabrics!

When I stopped in at Quiltworks last week, I snagged two Quiltmania issues that were on sale!!

I am very tempted to make the cover quilt with the yellow sashing! I don't  think I've ever used that color like that. 

Tomorrow will be the bullseye instructions!!  Check back!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quilt show

Today I met Lori (humble quilts) for lunch and then I ran over to Quiltworks after to see their January show. Once again, it was very impressive. 

The theme was similar to round robin quilts. Here is the summary:

So everyone made a friendship block and signed it. The variety was amazing. The creativity was so impressive. I think you'll love these!

Each flower pot was signed. I love the setting too!

Each quilter made a different Sunbonnet Sue block. 

These blocks were the same pattern but done in different colors. 

This quilter wanted birds!! I'd definitely find this challenging!

These were simple friendship squares in different shades of blue. 

Lori and I loved these. 

Isn't this just adorable??!!!

There were some other quilts I just loved that weren't part of this exhibit.
Here is a close up of these flowers. I would love to do this. 

There is still snow here in Oregon and Max had a great walk yesterday in the sun, even though he's not smiling!! He had a short hair cut last week after he got filthy dirty on a walk. I'd had enough of his long hair!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Such great comments!! Thanks everyone for entering!

The winners are:

Joanne Alburger
Remnant Quilter

Please email me your snail mail address to send you the book.

I had a number of questions about the 9-11 quilt.
It is a pattern by Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts).  I am paper piecing the arcs and sewing the quarter circles down using an applique method after turning under the edge.  I tried doing it the drunkard's path way, easing and stretching and it NEVER worked.  So I'm happier using a blanket stitch or blind hem/zig zag to sew it on.

I'll show you later how it works.