Saturday, May 18, 2019

Orphan blocks together at last

I was inspired by a picture posted by Wendy Reed this week, putting together some orphan blocks.  Another person I follow on social media challenged his fans to make something original.  Since we do not have the grandkids this weekend, I had an abundance of time to play in my sewing room, something I haven't done in ages.

I decided to pull out some orphan blocks and use a great Di Ford stripe fabric I've had and only recently "found" after cleaning my sewing room (another bonus of having free time!).  I'm going to use that sashing fabric for the binding as well rather than add another skinny border.  Hope you can see my birds on the top and bottom!

It was fun;  I used blocks that have been in a drawer for years!  I used tiny tiny half square triangles buried in a little bowl;  I used orange peel blocks I've been sewing on drives to Oregon for years;  some blocks were from swaps years ago.

I didn't make a dent in my orphan block drawer.  I also have a cubby of extra half square triangles in baggies (there are a LOT), which is where I found the bow-ties.  But I also found a pile of patterns from years ago!  EGAD...

I'm also working on the Cheddarback blocks for this month.  I have seen that many quilters have struggled with one of the blocks and I'm pretty tempted to make my own version instead of killing myself.  It's my quilt afterall, right??

I'll post a picture of those 5 blocks tomorrow.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Donation quilt

I know you're shocked I'm posting two days in a row!! :-))  Please don't faint!

I finished the donation quilt yesterday and love how it turned out.  I had bought a panel on sale at Primitive Gatherings near San Diego in February.  I think this was designed to be a book.

My plan all along was to cut it into blocks and sew sashings.   I didn't think when I was cutting, kind of in a zone...and cut them all the same size.  OOPS... So then I just cut cornerstones, which I actually like anyway.

I also had a fabulous Alexander Henry flannel which I cut for the backing.  It'll be a great quilt for a child.

Our group also made string blocks recently and I took some extra fabric home with me.  My friend organized this by giving everyone a strip of black and white polka dots for the center.  She also cut a backing/stabilizer out of a very light-weight fabric, to which we sewed the strips.  It was a great idea to do it that way;  there is some cohesion in the blocks and I like that idea.  I may do that with my trip around the world blocks, if I ever sew them together!  HEHE

I only brought enough home to make 6 more blocks!  I think someone already put a lot of them together to make one quilt so this will add to the next one they're putting together.  Everyone in the group sewed these blocks one day together during our meeting.  What a great idea!~

What next?  I'm feverishly trying to get one of my wool appliqué projects put together.  I'm really sick of having lots and lots of blocks here and there but unassembled.  I may start a new strategy next year.  Know what I mean??

And who knows?  Maybe I'll post again this week!  We were supposed to go visit our son in Quantico but the marines are keeping him very busy so we decided to put the trip off.  So I got a gift of an extra 5 days and a weekend with no plans.  SEWING.  And it's even raining here in Northern California, which is UNHEARD of.  It never rains in California after rainy season... so it's even more perfect!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Pam Buda monthly installment

Having felt slightly chastised (Just kidding, Wendy!!) for jumping out of order on the Pam Buda project, I went back into the correct order and made the next project, which was another pin cushion.  You can never have too many pin cushions, right??  They are fast, easy and useful!

The fabric I used was a little different--the  pink was from a purchase of Dutch fabric I bought in St. Marie aux Mines several years ago.  I love the colors.

My friend Claire came over this week and sewed the binding down on a charitable donation quilt she put together.  It's really perfect as a donation!  Those were orphan blocks, if you can believe it.  Someone made the blocks but never assembled the quilt.  Honestly I think I have a pile of those types of blocks myself waiting for assembly.  Anybody else?? vbg

Yesterday I went to the small quilt group meeting I belong to and was so impressed by the productivity of this group.  They had piles of about 40 quilts they were delivering to an organization that sponsors kids from families with cancer.  I felt very inadequate because I haven't finished a single quilt to donate.  I'll show you what I did to remedy that in the next day or so!

Here are a couple of quilts that weren't part of that pile!

This pattern is called scrapbox chevron.  It's really cute.

I'm going to go finish my donation project so I can finally say I have gotten something done!!  I will show you the finished project later this week.  We were supposed to go visit our son in Quantico this weekend but the Marines are keeping him ultra-busy so we have to change it.  That means I have a weekend with no plans! We're still hoping we'll get the grandkids for part of the time (I know...)

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Doll quilt swap done and received

I mailed off the doll quilt swap to my partner and she got it yesterday so I can now show you the whole thing, not just a corner.  I know that I was a tease! Sorry.

I really tried to do some nice quilting but I'm definitely challenged in that regards.  I did some sort of circles in the solid squares;  I did waves (sort of) that intersected on the borders.

In this picture you get a better look at the quilting.  I think the blue I used matched the fabric so perfectly, that you can't see it.  In the individual blocks, I used a tan thread, which shows up.  I think next time I won't try to match the fabric so well.

My recipient was happy with her quilt so that makes me happy.

This pattern was from the Temecula book, Quirky Little Quilts.  I did the sew-along this past month and decided that I loved it so much I'd make it as the doll quilt swap.

TADA!!  Thanks to Lori (humblequilts) for organizing this swap again!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pam Buda mini (out of order)

I mentioned that I was working on the Pam Buda mini and jumped around a bit -- I decided to do 3 tiny courthouse steps blocks and I used Wendy Reed's potholder method of quilting.  The pattern is called "War and Peace".

I machine quilted each little block and then bound them separately--I then sewed the 3 blocks together.  I like how they turned out.

The back shows the pot holder method better since you can see the binding on all 3 sections.

I'm tempted to make some more of these blocks, sew them all together and I'll have a large enough small quilt to hang on the wall.

I finished the bag I wanted to make for the Hawaiia auction but I'm not happy with how it turned out -- I used a fusible "lining" that's too stiff so the bag doesn't relax enough to my liking.

It's fun to pick the variety of fabrics for the bag.  I'm sure no one will care but it bothered me.  I do like the fabrics and the coral lining (and I used mesh for the pockets, too).  Can you see that gorgeous bird?  I think I'm liking birds in quilts these days!

So I realized I have the materials to make a covered box using Mod Podge so I whipped up a box... covered an oval cardboard box using different Hawaiian prints.   I'm not great at it but this one came out better than the first one I did at Christmas! vbg
 I'll put both items into the auction.  It's a fundraiser for local kids in Kauai so whatever it brings in is a win, right?  I'll let you know how much I raised.

This one's theme was flip-flops!~ 

My doll quilt is in the mail heading to Maine.  Once it's received, I'll post a picture of the finished project.  I'm hoping she's happy with it. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Humble Quilts doll quilt swap

My friend Lori (humblequilts) organized another doll quilt swap this year (I think I got in just under the wire... or even after, truth be told).  Thank you, Lori!

I returned from the cabin last night to a most wonderful package-- I got an adorable Lori Smith doll quilt from Montana Weber in Minnesota.

I think I even have some of these fabrics.  I always love pink and brown together.  I'm very happy and can't wait to hang it on the wall.

I've been busy finishing up my doll quilt for mailing out to Maine.  I think it will be all complete and ready to go tomorrow.  just sewing down the binding.  I am excited to send this off but sad to see it go.  I have loved making this little quilt.

Here's just a corner with my very pedestrian quilting skills evident:

My Pam Buda project is done and I will post a picture this weekend.  I apologize for not having followed the rules (once again).  I didn't go in order--I skipped a few projects ahead and opted for the little 3 log cabin blocks.  My attempt at the potholder method of quilting didn't turn out half bad...

I need to whip up a bag to donate to an auction I always participate in--has to be done this weekend.  Better get cracking!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Moving along

I've been up at our cabin to check on my mom this week and was able to get a little sewing done.  Sadly her dementia is increasing and her placement in the memory care section seems more appropriate.  On the positive side, she's a healthy as a horse!  Hates her hair to look gray!  And wants to lose a little weight.  At 91 yrs old!  She's always been really skinny but gained a little weight since she's been fed three meals a day the past year! ;-)

I put the borders on this wool applique project;  this is the one which will have a gazillion tiny (1/2" fin) half square triangles.  This is the center which still needs a few more flowers.  I had to wait until the borders were on to sew down the flowers, which go into the border.

There are 12 wool applique blocks which circle around this center medallion.  There are also wool applique cornerstones throughout.  It'll be gorgeous when it's done--and I can have my favorite LAQ do her magic. 

Speaking of that, I picked up my latest finished project from her yesterday and she did a phenomenal job, as always.  This was the Cheri Payne top I had sitting around a few years waiting for a border.

You have to see close ups of the blocks to appreciate her work.  All the blocks were quilted differently.

I really appreciate her skill--I'm struggling to try to quilt the doll quilt I made for the Humble quilts swap.  Sandy gave me some ideas, which seemed so simple when she described them!

I've also been working on my Pam Buda mini for April.  It's almost done.  I tried Wendy Reed's potholder method of quilting the little blocks individually.  I only have one more binding to sew down and it'll be done.  Hopefully these two projects will be done this weekend, before the end of April!  TADA!!

Hope you're enjoying the spring!