Tuesday, October 18, 2016

more eye candy from PIQF

This is the last batch of pictures of quilts that I thought were interesting at the PIQF.  But first I need to show you the hottest item that was being sold at the show.  There were two booths selling these.

They are rulers for home machines to do machine quilting as if you had a long-arm.  The lines to buy them were ridiculous!! They were selling like crazy!

I was intrigued but figured that I'd never be able to figure it out, even though they had videos on youtube to follow.  They were expensive and no one bought only one ruler, of course.  So I passed.  Aren't you proud???

I thought this quilt was really clever.  I love when a quilter uses piecing for a background so the piecing is not the true design. The old log cabin block!!

I took a close-up since I just loved the way it was done.  Also, the quilting is pretty impressive!

This one was pretty simple but there was something about it that really appealed to me.  I love the colors (jewel tones) and the pattern is very striking. Not complex, which is perfect for me.  No points to match!! VBG

This was a Dear Jane done in colors I hadn't seen before.  It was beautiful.  Maybe some day I'll do one.  I once made a couple of blocks and they were awful so I quit... sound familiar??? ;-)  Maybe I won't, though!

I thought this was charming!  And won a ribbon (not that that makes me like a quilt, mind you!)

I thought this was charming, too, using those large florals by Kaffe Fassett, which I'll use one of these days.  I am collecting them.

I think I'm a sucker for this type of sampler quilt.  I love being able to make all different blocks, so I don't get bored making the same block over and over.  Although when you see the next quilt, you'll see why I don't stick to that philosophy!

Then there's this one... all the blocks are the same but you sure wouldn't know it.  I love doing that!

They are all sawtooth stars but the colors used make the blocks look so different.  I really enjoy doing that, too.

My dh and I are enjoying the fall colors on a trip to Maine this week.  This is a place that we've wanted to visit for years so we're really enjoying it.

Here is a tree just in front of the B&B where we are staying on the coast.  I think the tree is over 75 yrs old.  Oh, and the B&B is from the 1850s!!

What else does one want to see in Maine?? Lighthouses!  We walked out on this breakwater to a true lighthouse.  Then we had to hurry back because the tide was coming in and the path was about to get covered with water!

What does the rest of the trip have in store??  Well, we are going to meet Wendy Reed, who lives in Bath.  I'm very excited about that.  And of course we are going to Busy Thimble and meeting Cyndi there on Friday.

But then??  What could be better??  Just wait.  Do I sound like an infomercial?

I'm joining them on a journey to the Shelburne Museum in Vermont on Saturday for a day of with a quilt study group!!!  I am really thrilled.  I've always wanted to visit that museum. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share from THAT excursion!!  Stay tuned!  Thank you, Wendy!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

More pin cushions and some PIQF quilts

This was made by Linda Hoch and sent to Ruth Janssen. Log cabin makes a great pin cushion.  Here's another one made by Janet O.

Janet sent this one to Joy.  Janet is into MINIs so I'm sure those strips are TINY!

And Barbara Black made this one for Laura Lane, also adorable!

Here's another one by Joy, made for Nancy in Connecticut.  I can't copy the picture so I'm giving you the link to her blog.

And my friend Anne made a darling little log cabin pin cushion (her first, as well) and sent it to Dottie:

Here's one that Dottie sent to Claire. It's awesome!

Aren't all these pin cushions just amazing??  Thanks to everyone who participated.  It was great!

I promised to show you some pictures from the PIQF quilt show I went to last week.  It's so tedious now having to do it only through my computer but I'll figure it out.  It just takes longer!

This one has some amazing quilting on it.

The appliqué is also pretty amazing!!

I loved this.  The colors are great and the piecing was amazing.  I am guessing it was paper pieced.

Close up of just one block:

Here are a couple more quilts I just loved.

This one was an award winner!

Close up:

And this one had amazing appliqué and quilting:

Close up of the center block.  Isn't this just adorable!!!

There are still more.  I'll post them tomorrow.  I may have figured this out!! ;-)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Circa 2016

Are you doing this Temecula Quilt project that's been ongoing all year?  I neglected to print out the finishing instructions and now they are only available if you buy the whole quilt pattern.

I need to know the measurements of the first solid strip around the center, the size of the setting triangles etc.

Do you have the instructions you're willing to share with me???

I'm ready to work on it today!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Lesson learned

well I learned a lesson today. I told you that I deleted the blogger app from my phone, intending to reinstall it. Then I found that the app is GONE!

I'm hoping I can find an alternative!!

Don't delete the app if you have it and use it on your phone!


Pin cushions galore

I'm terribly frustrated today.  I most always use my phone's app to post pictures and blog posts, finding it much easier than emailing the pictures to myself and having to download them.

This week, for some reason, my app wasn't working.  Everytime I wrote a post, it'd disappear and go back to the beginning!  UGH.  So this morning I decided to delete the app and then reload it.

Well, further frustration!  I can't find the app to reload!!! GRRRR.  Not showing up on the app store!! Any ideas?  I had "blogger"!!

So, I went the old fashioned way and emailed myself pictures.

Here are the wonderful pincushion and gift I received from Ursula Yeo.  

As if the pin cushion wasn't enough, Ursula sent me this wonderful project bag that she made. 

It's wonderful!  As is the pin cushion.

My friend Anne Gavin got a great little tuffet pin cushion from Lori Lutzow in Wisconsin.

Lori also enclosed a couple of mini pin cushions as well.Anne was very excited about her pin cushions!!  Nice job, Lori!!

I've been anxious to hear that everyone has received theirs.  I'd love to post more pictures, if you want to send me what you sent and/or received.  Please let me know if you have not gotten one!

This was a great little swap which I really enjoyed.  I hope everyone who joined in also enjoyed it as much!!  Sounds like it was a great learning experience for many, too, which is awesome.  We'll have to do it again next year.  I am thinking of other ideas.

I went to a great quilt show yesterday (PIQF) and took loads of pictures.  But now I'm stumped on getting them onto my blog easily so I'm going to play around with it today.  I'm going on a trip with my dh to Maine next week and have been furiously preparing some hand work-- wool appliqué!!  EGAD.  Found some more wonderful threads yesterday at the show.  And may have picked up a pattern or two!! And more Lite Steam a Seam and Soft Fuse (I have to say that I'm liking that better!)

Friday, October 7, 2016

One more for the day

Kevin made Janet O. a really cute mini-pin cushion that she's extremely excited about.  I think she posted something on her blog as well.

It looks awesome and perfect for Janet.

Can't wait to see the rest of them!!

Did you see that Temecula Quilt posted the instructions for setting all those 3-1/2" blocks we've been making all year???  I can't wait to work on mine.  What a fabulous looking quilt!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Another pin cushion!

These pin cushions were sent by Nancy Alderman to Deborah Wheeler!  Aren't they awesome??

Here are two more:
This one was made for Kevin by Wendy Reed.  You know that Kevin now has chickens at his new home so very apropos!

And another:
This was made for Wendy by Deb Wheeler in Canada!  
So far, this swap has been great fun!!
Please be sure to send me pictures of the pin cushions you are receiving!  And don't forget to thank the person who sends to you!