Friday, March 27, 2015

First stop on the way to the retreat

On our way to get to the retreat we had to make our usual stop at JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie. The owner Julie Henderson does a beautiful job and also designs the most wonderful fabrics and quilts. She allowed me to freely take pictures throughout her store. Her knack for decorating is enviable!

Check out the saying on the top!!

Look at this sample!! Tiny 9-patches

Then we made the next required stop: The Shoe Box.  Largest shoe store ever! 

Sewing today!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015



I got to 700 today. But I have no idea who is the last person to follow me.

So, can you fess up?? Send me an email so I can send you a gift???

The other good news is that I'm leaving for Wisconsin tomorrow morning, very early, for some serious retreat time with my friends.

So watch for pictures every day, although I know I have to take a walk down to road to get a signal!  We are going to the Homestead Retreat in Hillpoint.  Can't wait!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Small quilt show

After we dropped the kids off this morning, my dh and I went to a small quilt show just for fun. Even though it was small, I still found much to be inspired by!

Very simple but fun!

This may have been a kit. 

Look at this quilting!!

Love the border:
Simple small half square triangles!

Very different but cute!


Great way to use hexies!

This woman always wanted a farm so she sewed hers!

This was made using my favorite French Proven├žal fabric!

This was a special display of miniature quilts! These are even tinier than the ones Janet O. Sews!! Like a doll house!!

Cute, don't you think?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stars in a time warp

I started a little late (what else is new??!!) on this little sew a long but I'm enjoying it! Each week you need to make a 6" sawtooth star with a different theme. 

Of course I didn't read the instructions all the way through and made my first test block only to be stopped in my tracks by my dear friend Lori's asking about the theme I should've followed!!

Here's the non-themed block:
Note it wasn't the right size so it needed a little help on the sides! Good thing it didn't have a theme. It'll go on the back probably!

First month was turkey red:
Perfect size too!!

Second one was Prussian blue:
I Love this one!

Next was shirting prints:
That's my interpretation anyway!

The last one I've done is cheddar/orange:

There are probably 1 million different ways to do flying geese. My favorite is following the instructions by Open Gate. It's easy and accurate. Monique Dillard has a ruler and instructions that are easy to follow.

I think it is called "fit to be geese."

As of now I am only behind by four blocks so I'm going to be sewing  more sawtooth stars any day.  First I am off to go pick up my car which went in for an oil change and wound up needing  four new tires!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

And the winners are....

What a great selection of ideas from so many people.  Thanks so much for taking the time to think of names for me.  I think I may always "choose" names this way... Let others come up with the ideas...

There were so many great ones.

The ones I chose are:

Rogue General (thank you, Linda A)

Tic Tac Toe (thanks, Sharon)

Dream Ripples (thanks, Shasta Matova)

Plaid-Tastic Pinwheels (Grace/City Quilter)

Please send me your email addresses so I can get your mailing addresses for sending out your prize.

The one entry which gave me the biggest laugh was:
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice (definitely dates me!).

Thanks again, everyone!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Name that quilt (s) - CONTEST

Are you very good at coming up with names for your quilts? I'm terrible!! I love putting labels on quilts but adding a name is always a challenge for me. I'm going to try to sell some of my quilts this summer at the Sisters Quilt Show and all the quilts require names!!

So I'm having a contest: name this quilt!!
Actually there are several!!
Here we go:

This was made using the layer cake and French General fabric line. 

This was an antique top I bought some years ago. 

I put this together using blocks from an old swap. 

I think I bought these half square triangles and sewed them together into pinwheels. I have one more needing a name but it's not on my phone. 

Winners will be announced Friday!! I've got lots to give away!

Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lunch date

I was excited that I could meet Lori for lunch today in between her busy schedule. We went to a new place that has so-so food but we loved their drinks! The place was called The Red Martini!! So we had to try something exotic!

On a sewing note, I'm trying to do a little sewing on my cheddar swap. This is a lot of quarter square triangles that are paper pieced. I haven't made much progress: just cutting them apart takes a long time but they do generally come out perfectly! These papers are from the cd Triangulations, which I love!

Look at this adorable caddy I got at the new Hobby Lobby! I think it'll be great to keep my sewing stuff handy without it looking messy.