Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Whether you are able to bestow love and kisses on those who matter to you or not, I hope you will enjoy a wonderful day.  The sun is shining in California and I noticed a little flower blooming in our yard.  Spring is on its way, although we still have a huge storm approaching this weekend.

I got a few things done this week.  I got the binding sewn down on my Stars in a Time Warp.  This is the quilt made from the blocks that were posted every week by Barbara Brackman last year.  Each week, we were instructed to follow the fabric designated that week.  The pattern is the same for each block but it's amazing how different they all look with different fabrics.

And I love the fabric I used for the backing:

I also worked on another block for the Triangle Gatherings being offered by Primitive Gatherings.  I am using the whimsical fabrics I was going to use on another project, which hasn't budged!  I'm enjoying playing with fun fabrics.  This umbrella fabric was found at Rosie's in San Diego!  I think it's great to be able to step out of our normal routines and try something new.  I think that's a definite personality trait of mine:  no fear (mostly) to try new things!  Fun, isn't it??

I also worked a little bit more on the log cabins being run by Béa and Céçile.

I'm making these very mini!  And I'm using French General fabrics.  I think there is one more set of 4 blocks for this sew a long.  I haven't figured out how I'm going to set all four together, since they are so very different... maybe put something completely unrelated as sashing.  Again, completely out of my comfort zone!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Busy sewing day

I wanted to make a block for someone who is undergoing some serious medical issues as part of a group project and this is what I came up with:

It was supposed to be a 6" heart so it was kind of fun to work on last night!  Don't you love the little bees??  Or are they beetles? No matter!

Then I also caught up on my Triangle Gatherings blocks by making 3 more blocks.  I am having such fun using bright, whimsical fabrics!

The cherries were from my trip to San Diego.  FUN, aren't they???

My daughter texted me that her husband's cousin has a little girl (who was their flower girl at their wedding 10 yrs ago) is having some serious medical issues and she asked if it was possible that I might have an extra quilt to send her.  Possible??? Seriously???  

This was folded up in a pile of quilts waiting for homes.  I made this when I was doing block testing for Quiltmaker a few years ago.  It wasn't fabric I particularly enjoyed sewing with so it was great to be able to send this off to someone who would enjoy it.  A 13yr old girl in the hospital?? Took it right over to the post office and off it went!  Further work on my "word of the year" to DONATE! ;-))

You probably also know that it's been raining like crazy in Northern California.  The main highway to our area has been closed because of a massive mudslide!  One of many!  I took Max for a haircut and stopped to take a picture of the raging river nearby!~

Here's Max and his new crewcut!  His hair got so thick and bushy from the time we spent in Oregon at Christmas and after that he has been shedding clumps of hair everywhere.  I also don't like taking him for a walk when he gets so dirty and wet with all that long hair so off it came!

This is one of his favorite places to perch himself while I'm sewing.

I'm off to pick up the kids for the weekend.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We have a WINNER!

I was looking for a new home for Mickey Depre's book Pieced Hexies Deux and URSULA YEO is our winner!  YEAH!  Please email me ( and send me your address so I can mail it out to you!!

I got SO many wonderful suggestions for recipients of charity quilts.  What was so remarkable about your comments is that just about everyone is in the habit of donating quilts to some organization.  I found that so incredibly impressive.  I truly am thinking that maybe my word for the year will be DONATE.  I have already started dispersing my quilts, having sent out at least 6 or 7 so far to be donated to patients in a Texas hospital where one of my blogging friends works!

You ask why would I go shopping when I'm trying to get rid of stuff?  Very good question!! ;-)

I didn't do a whole lot of damage but I do want to share with you what I found:

this is the fabric I bought!  I found a binding for my two Quilts of Valor, so that was exciting, as well as a couple of other prints for another one.  I also got some very cute Riley Blake fabrics for my Triangle Gatherings quilt, although the fabric was supposed to be for the Vintage Farmgirl quilt.

If anyone sees any of these fabrics that they HAVE to have a strip or two of, please let me know.  I'm sure I will have plenty so that I could spare a little bit and happy to send it off!

I got a couple of kits and patterns.  Rosie's had a Superbowl sale on patterns so I got one half off!  And as it happened, Primitive Gatherings had 20% off most of their things because it was their 2 yr anniversary in California.  And heaven knows I need another pattern like I need you-know-what!!  I think I will start donating patterns next!

I recently saw this on Facebook done all in red and white with buttons in the centers.  It was adorable!  I just love PG's wools.  Their hand-dyes are just gorgeous!  So that justified my purchase. [we can convince ourselves of anything, right??]  Oh, I may have gotten another one!

I seem to be in the snowman mood!

These chickens were just so adorable I couldn't pass up this pattern!

This is the pattern for the quilt I want to make and bought the red/white fabrics.

On another note, I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Cheri Payne's blog and patterns but she creates wonderful patterns that she gives away freely.  She has recently been sick and was just diagnosed with cancer.  I'm hoping she will recover but I wanted to remind everyone to be mindful of your health!  If you're not feeling well, please get seen by a medical professional.  If you do that but aren't getting better, please get a second opinion!!

We have so many quilts to make and things to do with our lives, we need to make sure we're around long enough to get it all done!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Quilt shopping in San Diego - YEAH

When I realized I was going to be in San Diego, I remembered that Primitive Gatherings opened a shop in Southern California.  Forget that it was a good 1+ hr to get there after we landed.  It was our first stop!

Told my dh to bring a book and relax because I was going to be a while!! The store in California is a fraction of the store in Wisconsin but still pretty amazing.  Here are some shots of what I found:

I did buy some fabric, a couple of small kits and a pattern or two.  I just loved this quilt and got the pattern and some fabric for it.  It is a Sue Garman pattern so I felt pretty good about buying one of her patterns, since I find her quilts so impressive!

I bought the red and white for the connecting sections and border.  I'll use my own stash for the squares.  This is a quilt I have been wanting to make forever, although wasn't planning on making it with such SMALL pieces.  vbg.

Then today, I dragged my dh again to another quilt store, Rosie's, which is truly amazing.  It has the biggest selection of colors I've ever seen.  Here is a sample:

Can you imagine, if you were looking for a yellow, for example, having so many bolts to choose from??  I didn't get a whole lot but still have fun.

We did do more than quilt shopping.  I found this floor in a restaurant we walked into.  Gorgeous!!

And we went to a house and museum in Balboa Park and saw this gorgeous wood floor from over 100 yrs ago.  Log cabin patterns in wood floors!

We are heading back home tomorrow after a fun, meeting filled weekend!

I want to remind everyone that we are going to start a quilt along on the first of March and I hope you'll all join in--you can make as few as 4 blocks or more!  Or even just one for a pillow or wall-hanging!

I'll announce the winner of the Hexie book tomorrow, after I return back to California.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Donation opportunities and GIVEAWAY

I recently decided that I am going to give away all but my most favorite and special quilts.  They are just sitting around in piles and I think there are a myriad of opportunities for donating them.  My kids obviously aren't particularly interested!  (remember the story of me finding a lot of quilts in my daughter's closet freeze-dried, or vacuum packed!!)  vbg

I've made two for the Quilts of Valor program, but they were made especially for that goal.

I also sent one recently to a blogger who has connections with patients in her hospital.  I'm going to send her more.  In the past, I've sent some to friends to use in a charity they're involved in.

Someone recently sent me a link to her favorite charity, which sounds very interesting.

So I'm asking you for links and/or information about the charity you most prefer for donating quilts to.  And what are your feelings about donating a quilt to charity??  My guess is that everyone will be up for it but might feel at a loss as to where to send them.  My friend Claire could write a book about donating quilts as she is truly the queen of doing that.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic!  

Oh and there's another giveaway:

How'd you like to win the book "Pieced Hexies Deux" by Mickey Depre??
Leave me your name and I'll draw a winner on Sunday!  I've never opened the book and am happy to have it relocated to someone who will use it!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Moving along

The kids went back home yesterday at noon so I had some time to work on my Triangle Gatherings blocks as well as my Primitive Gatherings wool applique quilt (which I just learned will be all of 27"!!).

I still need to add another round of half square triangles and then start work on the border.  You've all seen pictures of each individual block as I finished them.  Looks so different all assembled, although I'll tell you that the "football" in the upper right corner would've looked much better if it was round, but what are you gonna do??? VBG

and I didn't have any better luck sewing the triangles on the Janome.  I still had to take off two little pieces at each end and I had trouble feeding the tiny blocks into the machine.  Kept getting stuck.  maybe I needed the walking foot or accufeed?  Pretty frustrating.

I also did two more triangle blocks using my bright Lori Holt-type fabrics!

Couldn't resist sharing a picture of little Emma (note her necklace!) admiring her new cousin Eli, just two months old.  Photo bomb with Jack in the back.  We took the kids for a walk to visit the horses nearby our house-- one of their favorite things to do!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

And the winner is.....

Thanks to all who offered to take this darling little book off my hands! ;-)

The winner is:


Email me your snail mail address and I'll send it your way ASAP!!  I'm definitely going to be giving away more books so keep an eye out!

I did finish the center block of the Primitive Gatherings summer freebie and am pleased with how it turned out!

You may notice the blue markings from the Frixion pen I used for placement of the pieces (which I obviously didn't follow or you wouldn't see the markings!).  I did press them out yesterday when I started putting the top together. 
 Lesson #1 of the day:  check seam allowances on different machines.
The next border for this is a ton of tiny half square triangles (they finish at 1/2").  I sewed one row together using my Juki, which definitely sews a very scant 1/4" seam. When I laid them out I had two extras and then realized the seam allowance was too small.  I took off the two extras.  The rest of the triangles will be sewn with my Janome which sews a better 1/4" seam.  UGH!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the next two Triangle Gatherings I finished this weekend. 

 Just an observation about the difference 500 miles can make!  When we left our cabin in Oregon Thursday, we were cheering that the temperature got up to 35* (and  we still have to deal with two leaks in the cabin due to the ice dams!!).  We got back to California and had the kids for the weekend.  Little Emma loves the water so I took her swimming yesterday to a nearby pool.  YUP, it was close to 70* and she had a ball!  So there you have it.  California weather trumps (oops, no pun or political statement intended) Oregon's.  Big surprise!  We still LOVE our time up in Sunriver, I gotta tell you.  Even with all the snow and ice!