Monday, November 24, 2014

Painting project

My Wisconsin friends recently told me about a painting class they took using "chalk paint" on furniture so I was tempted to give it a try.
I had a little footstool I got at the Elkhorn Flea Market (Wisconsin, of course) last year that I've been wanting to refinish.

This is how it looked originally:

It was all scuffed up but had pretty texture. The top was icky too so that came off first--

With this type of paint, you don't need to sand or prime. Just make sure the piece is clean.

Two coats of paint is all you need.

Then I had to decide on the foot part. I debated whether to use a couple of orphan blocks or some exotic tapestry and opted for a piece of fabric I had in my stash. I love it! And it matches too! What a concept!

All done:

I'm NOT giving it my son who is getting married soon! I keep my stool at the base of my little couch I relax on. 

Now I was on a roll! I have an older Adirondack chair on my porch that has needed a new paint job. It was a faded yellow-- no more!!

Still had some extra paint so got Ryan to help paint my mailbox!

He had fun!

Here he and Emma are waiting for the trick or treaters at Halloween. I found a great new seat cushion at IKEA which matches perfectly! Another successful project completed!

I'm trying to be a better blogger!! 


  1. What a great footstool makeover, Randy!
    And I love the shot of Ryan and Emma waiting for the trick-or-treaters. Looks like they couldn't come fast enough! : )

  2. That footstool came out great. And so did the chair. I have been seeing that paint on Pinterest. Do you have to seal it with anything?

  3. I love that he is out painting the mailbox in his shorts! Your projects turned out really cute!

  4. I love using chalk paint--your projects look great!

  5. Great projects Randy! Want to come over and help me finish my wooden chair ? Pretty please ? ;^) Adorable grandchildren you have.

  6. The foot stool came out great! and I love that fabric a great match with the paint! cheers