Sunday, December 28, 2014

Layer Cake without calories

I bought a kit recently utilizing a layer cake and my favorite French General fabrics from my friend Pat Riley.  So I figured it'd be a perfect project for the holiday week up in cold Sunriver.
The blocks are easy and fast!

This is the patten:

Here is the layer cake description:

Super simple:
Layer 10" squares, alternating light and dark. I did 6 squares at a time.

Cut 2-1/2" strips on all 4 sides:

Then remove the top 4 rectangles, setting them aside:

Sew the remaining pieces together, putting the top rectangles at the bottom of the pile. 

This way your blocks will all be different.

Fun, hunh? And no calories!!


  1. Very cute! The fabric makes this quilt so great! Love FG!

  2. darlynn here....the fabric is wonderful and the pattern fun. great job!

  3. I love the fabric. I have a huge (and I mean huge) bag of blues that I collected to do this pattern. Did you cut two at a time and then sew them? I have been pondering over keeping them organized and still getting them done quickly.

  4. This is really a simple block with a very technique for sewing it up. I've got to try this one. Is the border from FG too? You did a great job. Love it.

  5. Love that fabric and what a quick and fun pattern!

  6. Cute, I also saw this on You Tube the other day. I've got layer cakes to use!

  7. Wow, that Was fast! It looks great too! Happy New Year! Hugs, CW

  8. great idea....i have a layer cake on hand that could benefit from this idea....thanks!

  9. How fun! Very clever idea for a quick block, and those fabrics look great.
    How cold is it in Sunriver?