Friday, June 19, 2015

My stars in a time warp

When I was in Wisconsin I tried to catch up on my stars in a time warp blocks. these are the ones that I did.

Woven plaids:

Printed plaids:

Serpentine stripes:

Eccentric stars:

Still behind and will Fall Further behind because I have a splint on my left hand due to my broken pinky! Atleast it's not worse! I have to keep reminding myself!!

Thanks for all your kind words!!
Lesson learned, hopefully!!


  1. I like your stars....the splint? Not so much. :(

  2. Some great stars there.
    All that wrapping for a broken pinky--that will get in the way, for sure. : (

  3. Aww, sorry you got hurt.
    Your Wisconsin stars are fun!
    Hope you can get back to sewing soon.

  4. Your little toe or pinky fingers hurt more---too close to the action. I had my pointer finger smashed into a door, when my hunting dog saw a rabbit. We were coming in & he dashed back out through the door. The door slammed & my hand caught the edge---where the nice metal door part was. 9 stitches later & lots of pain. Dogs are just reactionary animals & sometimes we get caught in the middle. My finger healed nicely---the emergency center is connected to an ortho hospital. Had the best doctor, the nurse informed me. Just glad I did not pass out on the way there or back driving.

  5. lovely much fun to see all of them...i too am behind by about 8 weeks but slowly catching's quick fun!

  6. I know how hard it is to get anything done with a broken finger! I'm glad your hand was not broken. I like your stars, I still have not made a star quilt even though I want to.

  7. Love the stars! So sorry about your finger, but at least your nails were done first. Pretty color!

  8. Ouch Looks painful--kind thoughts for healing and quick recovery--the stars are beautiful

  9. Oh my...your hand ! I'm so sorry for you..... I hope it won't last !!
    I love your stars ! So cute ! :)