Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quilts in a rug and Stars in a Time Warp

My dh and I spent the past few days visiting Napa for some wine tasting with some friends from out of town. 

We stayed at a charming cottage that had a great rug under the dining table. 

I would love to own this!

Now that I'm back, I was anxious to get back to some sewing! First up is the package I received of my fabrics for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt I'm going to make. 

I also had some stars to catch up on, as usual. 
This is claret red. I'm doing it in the reverse as well!

My version of lace:

Black and gray:
I love how this one turned out!

My last catch-up block is supposed to be chocolate and blue. I struggled to find that fabric and came up with this. I think it's just fine!

Next up is my charity quilt. 


  1. Wouldn't they sell you that rug, or didn't you ask? *LOL*
    Farm Girl Vintage is a very fun quilt. You will probably be smiling the whole time you work on it.
    Great job on the stars! I think the lace is my favorite--maybe the purple print has something to do with that. : )

  2. Cool rug! I have the farm girl book...maybe in the new year!

  3. Your stars are fantastic. Can't wait to watch the progress of your Farm Girl Vintage. Love those fabrics!

  4. Snowball pattern rug! Lovely!!

  5. The rug carpet is so beautiful and I wouldn't dare to walk on it !!!
    Your fabrics are cute as your stars !! Lovely !!

  6. great rug and stars. good luck with the farm girl quilt. it is darling.

  7. Great stars--am currently working on a star quilt and it seems to be taking me forever--it is my oldest WIP and hope to finish it this year