Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Left overs

We were invited to a neighbor's house last night for champagne tasting (!!) and I wanted to bring a hostess gift but agonized over what to bring.  Finally, literally 90 minutes before we were due to arrive, I decided to make pot holders using the left over blocks from my Quilt of Valor.

Fortunately I had plenty of that heat resistant stuff to put into the pot holder and I found that homespun for the binding.  I'd used it for a border last year and it's just perfect.  Okay so they weren't seasonal... July 4th will come in about 6 months!!  She was delighted regardless.  I did sweat the last few stitches, though, trying to get it done in time to be there at the appointed time! ;-)

I realized that I shortchanged you when I sent you the view from my sewing machine.  Here is the full view... sadly it was cloudy today but you get the idea. It faces East so the morning sun is glorious.  My design wall is on the right (check out the next picture) and I have another machine set up on the left wall. I put the cutting table right in front of the window.

Here is my progress on the log cabin blocks using the leftover strips from the Quilt of Valor.  Okay, I'm cutting more and I think I'll keep going and make another QOV top using the strips. I'm on a roll.  I hate having to decide on a new project, being in between projects!

Several months ago, Temecula Quilts had a monthly pin cushion offer, which I signed up for.  Of course.  I love their things.  So far, I've made most of them (last month's was a little too tiny for my taste).  So I started this month's today.  I think it's too deep and I'm tempted to trim it.  You can't even tell it's a pin cushion.  This is the bottom.  I bought more walnut shells today but I still think it's too deep.  What do you think?  I've never done something like this.  Can't say I'm loving it.  You wouldn't believe that the body of this is a cheater cloth!!  I'll show you what it looks like when I finish it tomorrow.

Baby arrives tonight!! YEAH!!


  1. Love the pot holders. One can't tell they were made in a rush; they are that nice! I don't follow Temecula, so I haven't seen the pincushion and I am trying to judge how tall it is by looking at the mat but maybe you could help me? You can never go wrong with a log cabin quilt; every body loves one or two. ;^)

  2. Fill your pincushion till its really tight then it will take on its true shape. It will also be heavy so you will have a handy weapon close by if needed.

  3. Leftover are sometimes the most fun projects, I am always so pleased when I use some of my leftovers and scraps for gifts and smaller projet9. I also love selvage, they have fun messages and titles on them.

    Merry Christmas, Randy. Hug's, Carolyn

  4. That is a big pin cushion, but I think it's a fine size. Fun pot holders!

  5. You really whipped up those potholders quickly! Way to go!
    The expanded view from your sewing room is really beautiful. Looks like a nice sized room.
    The log cabin blocks in R/W/B are great. Do you have enough strips leftover for a whole quilt?
    I have recently gained a great appreciation for large pincushions. : )

  6. The pot holders are perfect! Funny, my quilting neighbor and I were just talking about making some hostess gifts to have on hand or for small gifts for people you don't know very well but need to give a small gift to them (like some relatives who we see of my DILs). I love what Carmen said about the pin cushion! It is big, but I agree it will probably look better when it's filled.