Sunday, February 17, 2019

A whole lot going on here...

Where to begin??

Last weekend, my dh and I went to San Diego for the weekend and I made sure we got in early enough to make a stop at Primitive Gatherings, even though it was an hour in the other direction!~  Lucky me they were having a 20% off sale and I bought fabric I definitely did not need.  Of course.

then we went to Temecula Quilts, which I thought I'd visited years ago but it wasn't where I thought it was.  What a cute little shop.  My best purchase there?  A small scrap bag, since we KNOW that someone else's scraps are ALWAYS more interesting and better than our own, right?? VBG
Heck of a deal for $6!

And inside??  A bonanza!

I immediately started playing with the fabrics to make some of the Temecula blocks of the week and the Circa 1880 blocks.  All very small but fun.

here it is mid-February and I'm happy to report that I've completed my February Pam Buda little quilt!  How do you like that, Wendy Reed??!!!  Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself??!!  This one is called "Emma"!! Perfect!

I used a bunch of the fabrics from the Temecula scrap bag;
warning:  please don't look too closely at my corners and points.  Some are definitely better than others but I'm not the exact piecer I wish I was...

And, not only that, but I finished my February mini in time for Valentine's day!  Another variation on the definition of "mini"!!

Is this not the BEST fabric ever for a little bag??  I found it on sale on Equilter!  I realized I should've put the fabric vertical rather than horizontal but I still think it's adorable!

And, to top it off, how do you like the lining??!!

How perfectly apropos of Valentine's Day to have LIP fabric!!  SWAK!!!

Then at the end of last week, I was going to babysit for my grandkids in SF and made sure to get to the de Young museum where they were having member previews of the new (and fabulous) Monet exhibit!  I do think Impressionist paintings are my favorite and these paintings literally left me breathless.

here is just a small sample.  I'm not sure you can see how amazing the colors are just in small amounts in very unexpected places.  I will show you more later this week:

This one was my favorite;  I was mesmerized.  Just look closely at his use of the colors... little purple in the bottom right corner, yellows in the upper right corner, different shards of green for the lily pads...

I took some more pictures which I'll share in the next day or so.  Don't want to overwhelm you.


  1. Love the scrap bag from Temecula, great nice chunks of fabric and you used it already in Emma. So sweet. Yes, other peoples scraps do seem to be more interesting than our own. I love that you dug in and quickly used some. Hope to get to Temecula someday....
    We live in WI and are a little over an hour to get to Primitave Gatherings. A fun place too. They have a warehouse sale in summer that is a must go to.

  2. Forgot to mention the Valentine bag, LOVE it!

  3. Oh my! You are on a roll girl! I love your little Emma. I knew you would enjoy making that one. I had trouble with the center panel points too. Let's blame the pattern! I love the little bag. I will link this post with mine as soon as I get it up. It is amazing to see a Monet in person. Portland Museum of Art has a nice collection of impressionist paintings and I always go when they bring a new one out.

  4. What a pack of gorgeous little scraps!! The little quilt is super cute.
    Love Monet!!

  5. I totally understand going in the wrong direction to get to a quilt shop--especially PG! It looks like you hit the scrap jackpot at the Temecula shop--so much fun to have bits and pieces of new-to-you fabrics. Love your little mini!

  6. You went to two of the quilt shops I'd like to visit someday. Good thing they do mail order. Little Emma turned out sweet. Enjoy your journey. Don't be too hard on yourself.

  7. That is a great scrap bundle! Well worth it!
    I haven't made any quilts from Pam's book yet. Way to go!
    Monet's paintings are so lovely. Love their soft feeling and colors.

  8. Your scraps are beautiful and I love your mini !
    Monet is one of my favorite painter ! Thank you for the pics :)

  9. Such pretty fabrics! I’d say you were quite restrained!

  10. I agree that other quilter's scraps look more interesting than what I have. It is always a delight to see fabrics we have not seen before. You got a good deal for the price.

  11. Just discovered your blog and love your mini quilt. Beautiful Monet paintings and I look forward to your next posts with more of them. Temecula is on my bucket list tho I might not be able to stop myself with a $6 scrap bag. You have some self control!

  12. Yes! I love to buy scrap bags! Why do I need more scraps, I ask myself? Ha Ha!

  13. Monet has always been a favorite artist ... have some of these paintings in prints in our house ... had them for years and they've made every, single move. Fun quilts and I LOVE the fabric on the bag ... very productive!! Linda

  14. BTW ... lived in San Diego area (1969-1973) ... actually, Chula Vista which is much closer to the border. Haven't been bad in a long, long time ... I'm certain it has grown and the traffic might be a nightmare. Glad you had a good time! Linda

  15. Scrap bags are such fun, and so is your monthly mini! Love the Pam Buda mini too.