Friday, March 22, 2019

Pam Buda -- next one done! And a little bit of progress

Of course I opted for a simple and quick choice from the Pam Buda book and sew-along that Wendy Reed (constant quilter) is organizing.  I am enjoying this project especially since each item is really small so I can get it done!  And I do believe you can never have too many pin cushions.  Don't you agree? vbg

And I also did the optional block for the Cheddarback project.  I really liked this block, which helps the creative juices, don't you think??

I was also very interested in the tiny house quilt done by Missouri Quilt Company.  I went onto Youtube and found the tutorial to make them and whipped up my first block, in between sewing a gazillion 1" half square triangles for my Primitive Gatherings quilt project... (you can see why I'd need a diversion, right??)

It's a really bright and fun quilt so I think I'll enjoy making the blocks.

I'm getting a little frustrated with all these little sew-alongs---making blocks but not putting anything together.  I'm getting ready to take one of my large zip-lock baggies with a slew of blocks and sew them together so I can at least feel like I'm getting something done--know what I mean??

This should be a productive weekend as we don't have the kids.  It's very weird for us to be home and NOT have the kids so I'll keep myself busy.  I did go and pick them up on Thursday and we made our usual stop after cream!!


  1. Hi Randy, I love sew-alongs also and understand your frustration regarding lots of projects..I think we all have them..and fun to do and collect. I have a friend that had odds and ends of quilting ,counted cross stitched and a few applique blocks all in different sizes and designed a "Gypsy" quilt!! It turned out fabulious. Google "Gypsy quilts" you will be amazed as what creations you can do with a collection of your treasures!

    Cute grandchildren...I am sure you have fun times with them...we all like ice cream!!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Yes, you are right! All these sew along's make piles of unfinished stuff all over the sewing room with nothing completed to show off. Of course, your little pinnie is a good way to have a finish and it's adorable!

  3. What fun Grandkids and ice cream!

  4. I like to display pin cushions in a basket. And I agree that you cannot have too many. Even if they never get one pin stuck in them.

  5. Eventually you'll have lots of finishes.

  6. Good for you! And yes, I think stitching together a lot of orphan blocks would be great fun. Love the pin cushion. It looks like Emma is really enjoying her ice cream and her Nana time!

  7. You always have so many irons in the fire!
    The little pincushion is great--I love that design.
    The Cheddarback block is gorgeous. Love the fabrics and colors.
    What a cute little house. But not as cute as the grandkids. :)
    I have found a solution to the frustration with SALs--just don't do them. LOL Works for me.

  8. So Cute...and the blocks are nice too! I like that cheddar one a lot! see you nexr week?!