Thursday, April 25, 2019

Moving along

I've been up at our cabin to check on my mom this week and was able to get a little sewing done.  Sadly her dementia is increasing and her placement in the memory care section seems more appropriate.  On the positive side, she's a healthy as a horse!  Hates her hair to look gray!  And wants to lose a little weight.  At 91 yrs old!  She's always been really skinny but gained a little weight since she's been fed three meals a day the past year! ;-)

I put the borders on this wool applique project;  this is the one which will have a gazillion tiny (1/2" fin) half square triangles.  This is the center which still needs a few more flowers.  I had to wait until the borders were on to sew down the flowers, which go into the border.

There are 12 wool applique blocks which circle around this center medallion.  There are also wool applique cornerstones throughout.  It'll be gorgeous when it's done--and I can have my favorite LAQ do her magic. 

Speaking of that, I picked up my latest finished project from her yesterday and she did a phenomenal job, as always.  This was the Cheri Payne top I had sitting around a few years waiting for a border.

You have to see close ups of the blocks to appreciate her work.  All the blocks were quilted differently.

I really appreciate her skill--I'm struggling to try to quilt the doll quilt I made for the Humble quilts swap.  Sandy gave me some ideas, which seemed so simple when she described them!

I've also been working on my Pam Buda mini for April.  It's almost done.  I tried Wendy Reed's potholder method of quilting the little blocks individually.  I only have one more binding to sew down and it'll be done.  Hopefully these two projects will be done this weekend, before the end of April!  TADA!!

Hope you're enjoying the spring!


  1. Sorry about your mom. No gray hair for me either. I'm still working on my Humble Quilts Swap, too. I had to hand quilt it this year for fun.

  2. What beautiful quilting on your sampler quilt. The custom work really makes it lovely. Glad you had some time to work on your wool medallion. It's going to be a winner too. Hope it continues to go well with your mom.

  3. Super cute applique, Randy! I love your darling sampler...the quilting is so pretty. At 91...I hope I am with it enough to want to lose a bit of weight...I sure hope she stays as lucid as possible for as long as she can!!

  4. Sorry to hear of your Mom's continued deterioration, mentally. It is good that she is somewhere that she can be well taken care of.
    At 89 my Mom won't do grey, either.
    I love your wool piece. I look forward to seeing it grow.
    That is great quilting on the sampler.
    Do I understand correctly that you did the potholder method on a mini? This I gotta see!

  5. sorry to hear about your mom - but happy that she is healthy
    love those log cabin strips on your wool piece - nice quilting too!

  6. Dementia is just the most horrible thing. I am so sorry you are experiencing this with your Mom. I am on "Mom" duty this week as my "saint" sister is in England. We are lucky that Mom is still very sharp, but her Parkinson's really affects her mobility. I adore that little wool creation. Can't wait to see it grow. I'm really looking forward to your potholder method quilt. I hope I haven't missed anything, but I thought the next Pam Buda project was another pin cushion. You don't have to go in order so it doesn't matter. I was posting Pam's things on the first of the month and the mini's on the last day of the month. I think this may be how I got confused. I should NOT be hosting any sew-a-longs if I can't keep things straight! But, I am having fun anyway!! Looking forward to seeing yours!

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing your pot holder project--sounds interesting. I love the little borders on your wool project--very impressive! I always have trouble keeping skinny strips like that even. Blessings to your Mom!