Thursday, May 16, 2019

Donation quilt

I know you're shocked I'm posting two days in a row!! :-))  Please don't faint!

I finished the donation quilt yesterday and love how it turned out.  I had bought a panel on sale at Primitive Gatherings near San Diego in February.  I think this was designed to be a book.

My plan all along was to cut it into blocks and sew sashings.   I didn't think when I was cutting, kind of in a zone...and cut them all the same size.  OOPS... So then I just cut cornerstones, which I actually like anyway.

I also had a fabulous Alexander Henry flannel which I cut for the backing.  It'll be a great quilt for a child.

Our group also made string blocks recently and I took some extra fabric home with me.  My friend organized this by giving everyone a strip of black and white polka dots for the center.  She also cut a backing/stabilizer out of a very light-weight fabric, to which we sewed the strips.  It was a great idea to do it that way;  there is some cohesion in the blocks and I like that idea.  I may do that with my trip around the world blocks, if I ever sew them together!  HEHE

I only brought enough home to make 6 more blocks!  I think someone already put a lot of them together to make one quilt so this will add to the next one they're putting together.  Everyone in the group sewed these blocks one day together during our meeting.  What a great idea!~

What next?  I'm feverishly trying to get one of my wool appliqué projects put together.  I'm really sick of having lots and lots of blocks here and there but unassembled.  I may start a new strategy next year.  Know what I mean??

And who knows?  Maybe I'll post again this week!  We were supposed to go visit our son in Quantico but the marines are keeping him very busy so we decided to put the trip off.  So I got a gift of an extra 5 days and a weekend with no plans.  SEWING.  And it's even raining here in Northern California, which is UNHEARD of.  It never rains in California after rainy season... so it's even more perfect!


  1. What a darling donation quilt...perfect with the cornerstones!! I like your string blocks. Good luck on those wool projects!!

  2. It is a great donation quilt, Randy.
    I love the strip of black down the center of the string blocks. That is what I have done with my string blocks. :)

  3. What a fabulous idea! Cutting up panels is something I don't do often enough and they obviously make great children's quilts!!

  4. Someone was pretty smart to have everyone use the same center fabric for the string blocks! Your donation quilt is adorable--very fun way to use the book panel.