Thursday, July 11, 2019

Vermont purchases and July's Pam Buda!!

Thanks to all of you out there in blogland for such kind comments on my blog-iversary!  I'll draw a winner tomorrow!  Nice to know that there are real people at the other end of the computer!  I feel very blessed!  Now to blogging material!

There were some wonderful vendors at the Vermont quilt show and it's always so interesting to me to see the difference in vendors from show to show, especially between the West and East coasts.

I didn't spend a ton of money but I did drop a bit of moola on some fun and very essential things:

Nope.  It's not a bird.  It's a spritzer which I filled with Best Press.  The mist that comes out is amazing!

Just in case you're tempted.  Let me tell you that it is amazing!  I suppose I could use it on my hair (after I removed the Best Press, of course).

So this is a pressing table but it sits on a lazy susan and turns completely around.  I saw this on my way out the door, to the airport, and just grabbed it.  I like it.  I also think the fabric is adorable!

I didn't get this in Vermont but it is a new purchase and I think it's adorable.  I ordered it from Millie P's quilt shop.

Today is my first and only day of sewing while at the cabin.  I finished up the July Pam Buda project (well, it needs quilting but that won't take too long).  I'm not sure if this is the next one in line, but I figured it'd work.  Right, Wendy Reed (constantquilter)???  And I just saw that I made a mistake attaching one row of flying geese.  GRRRR.  Good thing it's not quilted yet.  I will correct it since it's an easy fix.

I did have a couple of pinwheels on my design wall from a prior project and decided to use them!  I didn't have my usual tools for making the flying geese so I used the Deb Tucker's Wing Clipper ruler ( and they came out fine and almost perfect.  I like the ruler for squaring up the little guys, too.

I also started working on the July cheddarback  (Sentimental Stitches) blocks and got through 3 of them and came to a screeching halt when it came to the  5" house (YIKES) and the 12" block.

I also finally finished the child's donation quilt I've been working on using that mosaic pattern.  I really like the pattern and it goes together so quickly and painlessly!

Central Oregon has a tour of homes each year at this time where builders show their new homes all over the area.  I went last night to a preview and just loved the tile in one of the bathrooms:

I'd probably take very long showers examining all the blocks!

I want to apologize to my friend Lori DeJarnatt (humblequilts) for not  having included her quilt in my previous post of quilts at the shop Quiltworks.  It was really crowded and I failed to see it.  It was a great quilt and she always does such beautiful work.  I'm sure you've seen her quilt posted elsewhere.

Quilt show is Saturday in Sisters and of course it's getting hot in Bend!!  I'll probably post something before the show and then will inundate you with quilt show pictures. VBG


  1. Those are quilter's tiles for sure, lol! Have fun in Sisters and we ex-Oregonians will look forward to seeing all the photos.

  2. Fun purchases! It sounds like your trip was wonderful.
    I love the new mini and the child's quilt.

  3. Your made some fun purchases! I love the mister--I have three of them--lol! That fabric on the rotating pressing mat is adorable--I don't think I could have passed that one up either. Your Cheddarback blocks look great. I ended up drafting a house so I could piece the whole thing. I can never get windows lined up right when I applique them. Good luck!

  4. Wow you have been busy with lots of blocks and quilts! Each is beautiful! I really like that first Cheddarback block.

  5. I love those misters, too. I have one for water and one for Best Press.
    Very cute and functional pressing table, and gotta love that clock. :)
    The Cheddarback blocks look great, and I love your Mosaic quilt. It will be a welcome donation, I'm sure.
    Wow--what pretty bathroom tiles, but my mind goes to trying to keep them clean (we have hard water and the textured surface would be a killer to keep free of hard water buildup). LOL

  6. Those misters are great. I use mine all the time. Have a great time at Sisters. Love those bathroom tiles!!

  7. Can't wait to see sisters photos! I haven't gotten a mister yet, but they look really great!
    wee! love that clock~
    such cute little blocks.

  8. Nice trip and some good finds. Your Cheddarback blocks look great. Don't be too scared of the big block and the house. I had to make both of mine twice as it printed out too small. Learning curve right? The first big one I did the 16 Y seams, what a bear. Then someone of us on FB said to make it in to a 9 patch. That worked perfect. The house I made it with appliqued windows like it called for and was less than pretty good. The second time I changed it to paper pieced and it turned out pretty good so have no fear!