Friday, November 1, 2019

October mini just finished and a Paris visit

Under the wire... I just about finished this little quilt last night. I had made the top before (I think it's a Pam Buda design) but it needed quilting and binding.

 This was my first attempt at baptist fan quilting.  I used a Sewline purple washout marker -- started with Pounce, but that just wiped off.  Supplemented with white pencil on the dark fabrics.  Used my Juki free-motion and it seemed to work pretty well.  So, Wendy Reed (constantquilter), does it count as my October entry?? VBG

I also was working on donations for the Hawaii auction I always make things for.  This time I opted to make little purses. I made them large enough to hold an iphone and added a little hand-strap. Cute, don't you think?  I have one more to make. 

Another Cheddarback block is also done.  I had seen someone else's in similar colors and I really liked it.

I promised I'd show you pictures I took from my afternoon with my friend Will in Paris, who is truly one of the most talented quilters I've ever met.  I love when we are able to meet up and she is so free to share her latest accomplishments, which are always just amazing.
Here we are, being silly--note it was very humid and my hair was super-curly.  Also, I think the fact that I mixed up the shampoo and the hair gel probably didn't help!

Here is quintessential Montmartre, where Will lives:

We were trying to find a particular thread I was running out of and we passed by this iconic Paris site.  Merry-go-rounds are very common in Paris at parks and other sites.  This is Sacre-Coeur.

This is Will's hexagon quilt she's been working on, from a photograph in a small book:

This is the quilt she's also been working on.

I loved the center so took a close up.  You can probably see some of the fabrics she chose as well.  One of her many talents is that she has such an eye for choosing fabrics.  And she fussy-cuts like no one else!  And she does a lot of hand-piecing!

I also snapped a few pictures of some little quilts she has hanging on a wall.

Next time I'll share pictures of inspirations I saw, from walls in the Metro, to tables, to floors, to paintings!


  1. A great October mini. I really like the scrappiness of it!
    Nice zippered pouches/bags. I can't recall the last time I put a zipper in anything. It may have been about 15 years ago when I helped make costumes when my son had the lead in his high school musical.
    My hair would do the same in humidity, Randy--it looks good on you!
    Love seeing Will's gorgeous quilts!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your mini! I love the little splashes of orange. Great job! That glasses fabric got me giggles. Funny! I always look forward to see Will's quilts. She does have a great eye for pulling fabrics together. Such gorgeous quilts she did. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  3. Your little quilt looks great and the fans are too! great job.
    cuter pouches for the auction. those sunglasses are a hoot. I love fun prints.
    Your photos from France are wonderful. what a beautiful city. The quits are amazing!!! so many small small pieces - wow
    I love your curly hair !

  4. Of course it counts as October mini and I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing Will's wonderful creations. What fun!

  5. The little mini is nice and the fans suit it well! Oh your photos from France, wow, just beautiful. Your friend's quilts are gorgeous. I'm a "curly girl" too;). Humidity isn't our best friend;).

  6. Hi Randy and friends, i love the way we grow older on your pictures. Just a litle grumpy holding up the big top LOL. a thank you to your friends for the sweet comments. I'm leaving on sunday for a lecture and show and tell near Clermont Ferrand, quilting bring so many lovely opportunities! Hugs for all!