Wednesday, January 29, 2020

It's about time

Yes, I am still alive.  Gosh the time flew by.  We spent 3 weeks at the cabin and also visited our son in Quantico...

Now home and happy to recap a bit of what's been going on in my sewing world.  Thanks to all who asked if I was ok!

First I have to share with you this little project I'm working on this week with a woman from the small quilt group I belong to that makes quilts for kids.  This woman is one TALENTED person.  OMG.  Quilts are nothing for her.  She makes DOLLS.  Not just out of fabric but out of t-shirts!  She gardens in a most gorgeous garden.

This is the one I got last year during our Christmas gift exchange.

This was our model today.  Mary very generously offered to teach two of us how to do this.

These are her other creations.  This dancer is made from t-shirts held together with glue.  I'm hoping for a lesson in this another day!

Quilt blocks I've been working on?  Well, I swore I wasn't doing any more blocks of the month.  That didn't last!  HEHEHE

Cheddarback January blocks... totally kicked my butt.  The one in the bottom left was much too small and I had to add fabric to make it square;  the lemoyne star was difficult and will probably lose its points when sewn together.  Oh well.  Done is great!

Barbara Brackman is doing something called Grandmother's Choice.  How could I not participate?  Her blocks are also giving me lots of grief but challenge is good!

I've had a huge problem printing her patterns to the right size so I've had to draw them out on graph paper... completely out of my comfort zone!

Moda Blockheads III first block.

Temecula Quilts is doing a scavenger hunt!  Weekly installments.  

My biggest achievement was getting the majority of this Primitive Gatherings project put together almost entirely.  I'm almost done sewing the tiny gazillion half square triangles which go around the outer edge.  Putting this together was a huge undertaking, which I did at the cabin (see my portable heater??!!)  That room is a bit chilly in winter!

That's it for now.  I've done many more blocks and maybe even a quilt or two but I'll save those for another day.  Hopefully I'll post before the month is out!

Hope everyone is great and enjoying a wonderful new year!  Can you believe it's 2020??  I certainly can't.  It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that everyone was stressed about Y2K, turning 2000!!


  1. I had noticed your absence, but since it kind of coincided with my own absence I figured you were just busy with real life, too.
    Such creative dolls! That is fun that you got a lesson.
    Look at you NOT doing anymore BOMs. LOL
    You gotta do what moves you, Randy, and if that is BOMs, so be it.
    That is an incredible Primitive Gatherings pattern! Great job!

  2. I Know you were alive thanks to FB !! ah ah !!
    The dolls are so pretty, very original !
    And your blocks absolutely gorgeous ! A challenge this month with the Cheddarback quilt...

  3. Oh that Primitive Gatherings quilt is simply amazing--just beautiful work..hugs, Julierose

  4. Wow--those tiny triangles in your PG quilt are amazing! What a little gem! Love seeing all your BOM blocks and the Temecula mystery as well. So far I've resisted a lot of these, but it gets harder when I see others have jumped in--lol!

  5. P.S. Oooh and I LOVE those dolls--they are so neat!!

  6. It's good to get caught up on your busy January. What an adorable little doll you were working on. That's another whole creative arena. The month brings so many temptations for SAL. I admit I've been printing the patterns with the intention of getting them sewn. Your PG quilt is astonishing with all those hst's and more to come. What a treasure.

  7. So happy to hear from you again. Glad you're okay! Those dolls are just darlings. Love them. Those blocks look so hard to make. Ouch! But I love the Blockhead one a lot. Wonderful fabric in there too. Good luck with all the tiny little triangles. Yikes! There's so many of them! It's a stunner of a quilt though. Just gorgeous! Stay warm. ;^)

  8. Oh, my. Good to hear from you. I was beginning to wonder a bit. Love the Primitive Gatherings quilt! Nice!

  9. Wow! That Primitive Gatherings triangle border is fabulous. I can't imagine making all those triangles! I adore this quilt. So happy to hear you were able to visit your son and his family. The dolls are so much fun. Bet they are fun to make too! Think you need to come to Maine again and teach us all how to make them!

  10. You've been busy while you were incommunicado! You get so much done! Your Chedddarback blocks make me want to get back to work on mine. Your Primitive Gatherings quilt is wonderful! So many fabrics, so many tiny pieces, so much to look at and admire! Really wonderful!

  11. Dolls are so fun. I've made a few myself although its been a while. Your blocks are good, sorry the sizing is a challenge, she has a think on the side of her blog about how to get the patterns the right size. I think you have to see it on the "web version"
    WOW WOW your HST border is absolutely incredible~ we need close ups. love how the colorful points sparkle. You have been busy having lots of sewing fun

  12. Glad you’re back! You’ve been missed. You’ve been quite busy it appears. Your PG quilt is amazing. I can’t,imagine how many hst are in that one! Glad to see you’re working on some BOM blocks. I’m holding back while I do a deep excavation on my sewing room. It looks like a bomb exploded! I have found all sorts of things I’d forgotten. Some may even get finished.! Lol! Good to have you back!