Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Just a little progress

The rest of our kids left on Sunday so I had some time to sit down and get some sewing done.

We did have a wonderful time having our grandkids visit us here at the cabin and feel very blessed to have been able to enjoy them.

I have been participating in a small challenge  with some friends and I was able to put on the first border yesterday!

my next attachment will be a darker border (brown, I think) before I add on the next real border...we are using both flying geese and half square triangles.  I am thinking I may do the flying geese last to pick up the theme from the center.  I saw a really cute pattern for using hsts on the Mood Blockheads 3 project, which I think I may adopt.

I also got some more placements done (although now that the company is gone, I don't really need to make more... I may incorporate them into a different project.

I haven't sewn them together yet so I'm open to a different project suggestion, if you have one.  These are quick blocks and kind of fun to sew.

I'm heading to the Bay Area today to pick up our mail and take care of some things back in California.  I did make a big mistake, though:  I intended to get up at 6:00 am but I misread my alarm clock and was out of bed at 5:00!  When I realized it, I was already dressed!  I think I may need a nap later!

I'm hoping to get some sewing done so will share my progress!


  1. I absolutely love your center!! Love the color scheme too! If you don't need any more placemats just put the blocks in a drawer and discover them years from no like I do! Safe travels.

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  2. The challenge project is very cute! I like the colors and design! Your logs are so cute I like the asymmetry of them. Gosh I haven't made any placemats in a very long time...

  3. That challenge piece is so pleasing to the eye--the design, the colors--it all works in perfect harmony.
    I got some chuckles looking at your fussy-cut centers for the log cabin blocks. The blocks look so traditional until you look at those centers. Would make great conversation starters at mealtime. LOL

  4. Sweet mini-in-progress! Looking forward to seeing what will become of those Log Cabin blocks. LOVE those fussy cut centers!

  5. Great challenge block. The colors are soft and vintage. The log cabin blocks are fun especially, the center squares.

  6. The little doggie in one of the log cabin centers caught my eye - maybe he's saying "bon appetit" - or "drop a spoonful of something good on the floor, will you?" ;). Safe travels to CA.

  7. looking at the pic of the lake in your blog header cools me down! :-) I miss days at the lake... Glad you were able to enjoy your grands! You have some nice projects in progress... I think you may have inspired me to get going on a log cabin quilt.... :-)

  8. Wee your little four patches look great and I love your print border too!
    great colors.
    Wow you are killing it with those log cabins - great variety.
    Have a safe trip and talk to you soon!

  9. very creative and produces good and very beautiful

  10. Lovely appliqué! The log cabins are cute, especially the fussy cut centers.

  11. Beautiful little quilt, Randy, so detailed and precise. I also really love your log cabin placemats! Are you sure you don't want to make a few more of those and turn them into a small quilt?