Sunday, August 23, 2020

As if the pandemic wasn't enough!!!

 Our big plans were to drive down to California to spend the week catching up and seeing the grandkids...

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans, right??

I saw a cartoon a few months ago that said, "If you want to make god laugh, tell him about your plans"!!  So true

California is burning and our neighborhood was evacuated.  Our son drove over to our house to retrieve our photos and papers before the evacuation order was entered.  I couldn't expect him to take my quilts, could I?? And he filled his pick up truck to the brim with our pictures.

Another lesson out of all this?  Get organized.!  HAHA.

I took a few online classes recently on how to digitize your photos and get them organized... Great idea.  Need to implement.

Anyway, a little sewing going on here:

I had the brilliant idea that I needed to get rid of my scraps so what better way than a string block?  I had a lot of this dull gray fabric and decided to use it across all the blocks.  But it was SOOOO dull, I added some neon greens.  I'm going to finish this off and give it to the kid's quilt group I sew for.  Fun, don't you think?

I also needed a fabric store fix so went into Bend and had a ball...went for one fabric only and wound up spending over $100.  Found great conversation prints, some blue/whites and the most adorable kit for a kid quilt!  Just what I needed was MORE fabric, right?? vbg

Hope you all have a safe week!


  1. I hope the evacuation orders turn out to be a precaution. Fire is so scary, I hope it stays away from your house. Glad you got the pictures but I hope the quilts will be just fine. Sewing will help pass the time and your string quilt is fun! The dark fabric works well with all the colors!

  2. It's a thrill to go to a fabric store after so many months without! Oh my goodness that is scary about your evacuation, and so fortunate that your son could be on the scene to help you out. The wildfires in CA have made the news in Japan. I really hope your beautiful state gets relief soon. I think your string blocks look terrific!

  3. Those fires in CA are so scarey--so many and so fierce!! Good that your son could check on things for you...Staying in place is a good option now.
    I love your string blocks--The gray really tethers all the other colors nicely..Good work Stay safe Hugs Julierose

  4. Glad your son was able to get to your home and retrieve some of your important things. We don't think about getting 5hings like that organized until there is a pressing need. The fires are very scary. Stay safe and keep sewing.

  5. I guess getting things organized and under control is a lesson we all could learn. I've meant to do something about our photos, etc. for years--never happens. Those fires are so terrible. I hope there is some relief soon. Take care and have fun with those new additions to your stash!

  6. Oh Randy this is so scary! I hope your kids and your home will be o.k.!

  7. Fingers crossed for you and your family !!

  8. Hoping your home is safe, Randy! I thing a shopping day was warranted to counteract all of the stress you must be under. Sounds like you made some fun purchases. Enjoy!

  9. So sorry to hear about your evacuation order. That’s so scary! Hoping it all is safe. Trip to the fabric store is good therapy! How is your mom doing? Stay safe!

  10. I hope your home will be safe!!
    It doesn't matter that your constant fabric is dull--it just matters that it is constant. All your other fun colors bring the blocks to life!
    Glad you are able to get in some fabric therapy. It isn't a matter of what we need, but what makes us feel creative. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  11. I can't believe how behind I am on my blog reading. what a week. Your string blocks are just great.
    I hope and pray your house is oka. Please let us know.
    Have a great family weekend Randy!
    show us your fabric. lol