Thursday, October 15, 2020

Back in Central Oregon and thrown out of hospice

 We took the past week to go back to the Bay Area to check on our house and visit with the grandkids. The drive enabled me to finish another wool appliqué block from the Primitive Gatherings Twilight SBOW 2018.

I will admit that I added little feet to the birds! ;-)

 It was a great weekend.  We had the 3 oldest grandkids for the weekend and the 4 yr old just for Sunday night, which we totally enjoyed.   Great story:  the 4 yr old didn't come for the weekend but we went to my son's on Sunday.  As we were leaving, the 4 yr old climbed into my car, into his car seat, buckled up and said he was ready to go.  "Bye Mommy"!! Never asked if he could come over.  He was ready.  Fortunately my daughter in law was on board and got his overnight clothes and away we went.  so we got to have Eli by himself on Sunday night!  Love the time we spend with the kids.  We even went to the pumpkin patch and got them pumpkins!  


Last week I also participated in an online workshop being led by Maria Shell through the Brownstone Quilt Guild (my friend Barb Vedder alerted me to that).  It was called "kitchen sink" and was based on utilizing orphan blocks!  I have quite a supply but pulled a handful to start with.  This is what I first put on the wall:
The center 6 blocks were made following Moda Blockheads 1 but I lost the patterns I had printed out (no clue where they went to!) so just gave up.

I played around with them and added a little bit and got this much done:

Janet O may recognize one of the larger blocks, as she'd sent it to me years ago and I decided this was the time to use it.
I left the blocks on my design wall in California since I hadn't sewn them together and they'll be my project next time I return there in a few weeks.

It's gotten quite chilly in Central Oregon and I think my days of kayaking are over for the season.  Next up:  hiking until the snow falls.

Funny story:
My mom has been on hospice since she got Covid 19 back in July.  They really didn't expect her to live.  Well, she sure showed them.  She "graduated" from Hospice this week and they "kicked her off" their program.  That's a huge step.  Who gets to be kicked out of hospice?? VBG
But it meant they were reclaiming the hospital bed they'd set up for her.  What does a 93 yr old say about her comfy hospital bed being taken away?  NOT HAPPY, to say the least.  I had gotten my mom a nice queen bed when she first moved into assisted living, nearly 3 yrs ago.  She has NO recollection of ever having slept in that huge bed "for 3"! And she wanted NO part of that bed!  So I went today and bought her a twin bed and bedding to try to make her happy.
So it's a good week for my mom, getting thrown out of hospice!
I'll take it!!
Have a great week!
Stay safe!  Mask up! oh and VOTE!



  1. Glad to hear the news about your Mum, gives us all hope

  2. Your wool piece looks beautiful and i love the addition of the little feet! woo hoo good for you.
    Your Kitchen Sink is coming along great. I like the second steps a lot. Keep going, such great blocks.
    what a great story of your mom. I'm so happy for her and you. She must feel more cozy and secure in a little bed. 93 - and a covid survivor what amazing woman.

  3. Cute grandkids! You're making great memories for them.
    Love your wool applique....the red and neutral coloring is beautiful.
    I have more than a few orphan blocks myself, and could use that class! I'll have to keep my eyes open for another offering.
    My 91 yr old mother also got booted out of hospice, 6 months after a cancer diagnosis! It was wonderful of course, but scary too, to lose that support all at once. We did okay though, and she had a good year before we needed them again.
    Hooray for your mom! It sounds like she will do great. That generation is so strong!

  4. Oh! My! Gosh! That is the best news of all week! So happy for you and your mom. You are definitively made of good stock, VBG.
    Grandkids are growing up so fast. I love the blocks you are playing with. Looking forward to see more of your ideas with that one. Enjoy! ;^)

  5. Nice class quilt in the making, a great story about your grandson, and AWESOME news about your Mom!!!

  6. You had happy stories to post today. Lovely sewing, a sweet grand story, and an exciting news about your mom.

  7. LOL! From the headline, I thought YOU got kicked out of the hospice facility! Glad it was your mom, not you.

  8. I like the piece done in neutrals. I am always drawn to that style.
    Your blocks on the design wall look like they all go together. I think it will be a fun project for you. You will need lots of filler blocks or more orphans from your block stash.

  9. That's amazing and wonderful news about your Mom. It's so sweet that you are going the extra mile to make her comfortable. She sounds like a spunky lady. Cute grandkids, and, I really like how your orphan blocks are looking on your design wall!

  10. Such great news! I'm guessing your Mom is just a hoot! She sure showed them! I cannot believe how big those kids are getting. Is Eli riding a 2 wheeler already? Yikes! Love your start on the Maria Shell quilt. So different from Barb's. Love them both!! Looking forward to chatting next week.