Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A fabulous get-together

As you've probably figured out by now, Wendy Reed (constantquilter),  Barb Vedder (funwithbarb)  and I rented a lovely, cozy cabin just steps from the beach outside of Newburyport, off the coast of Massachussets, on Plum Island,  last week for our first post-Covid post-vaccination retreat.  

We originally planned our get-together to coincide with Wendy's exhibition at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell.  What an amazing treat to go there with Wendy and Barb to view Wendy's quilts in an impressive display, along with Pilgrim Roy's cheddar quilts.  Pam Weeks is the curator at the museum and truly did an amazing job with the displays and the descriptions.

Here's Wendy standing proudly in front of one of her amazing quilts.  Not sure if you can see the teeny tiny berries/grapes closely or the amazing quilting that she did.  Her quilts are truly masterpieces.  

We had time to share quilts and I’ll post some pictures once I can get blogger to cooperate. Or maybe it’s operator error!

We had a great time, us three.  It was the perfect combination of everything. Here we were being silly at the beach our first day.

We exchanged four little basket blocks to assemble as we chose.  Wendy did a great job creating two memory quilts already. Check out her blog (constantquilter) Mine will have to wait a couple of weeks as I'm still on the East Coast helping my son and his family move into their new home in Virginia.

Here is a jetty we walked along.  Such a beautiful beach!

I'm having trouble downloading pictures for some reason today so I'lm going to hold off on sharing some other pictures from our get-together.

Hope you're staying well, safe and happy.


  1. Oh! My! Sizzling Bacon! No joke that's a masterpiece! Wow! I check on your sidebar to click on her blog and have a peak at what else she did. I was not disappointed. She does wonderful work. That's an adorable photo of three carefree and happy ladies enjoying life to its fullest. Your smiles are contagious. Enjoy your time with the family. ;^)

  2. Wendy's quilt is incredible!
    You ladies look like you were having a ball. And that is a beautiful view of the ocean!

  3. Love, love, LOVE your "girls on the beach" photo, Randy!! SEW glad that you three got to spend some time together.

  4. You girls are too much!!! Glad you all had a super time together. I think we're all ready for some fun.

  5. These are such great photos! I love the one of Wendy by her quilt. What a moment for her. that is my favorite quilt of the exhibit I think.
    Here and gone in a flash but with good memories that will last.