Thursday, September 1, 2011

Antique quilts from Sisters

Every year, my dear friends Bonnie and Lori come to my house in Sunriver for a week of sewing around the time of the Sisters Quilt Show in July.  Part of our routine includes heading into Sisters really early on the day of the show to check out our favorite antique booth for bargains.  I am usually able to find one or two quilts and this year was a big success for me. I bought a couple of tops, although ironically 2 of them were hexagons! Did I tell you that I started a hexagon quilt last fall? I know it's very out of character for me to be hand piecing a hexagon quilt (or any quilt, for that matter), but that's for another blog post. VBG

My bed is perfect for showcasing quilts.  Aren't they fabulous! Problem is I'm running out of beds to put them on~~ I think the yellow one is my favorite.

I'm off to pick up the darling grandson today for our weekly trip to a park/playground and the car wash in the morning, of course! Oh, I haven't fixed the pj lady's tattered shirt yet, either, btw!! And, no, I'm not going to do her pillow cases. I can establish boundaries once in a while!


  1. What wonderful finds! I think the yellow is my favorite, too.
    Someday you'll have to share your hexagon project. I showed mine a few posts ago, and it is one of my biggest embarrassments (because it is taking me forever)!
    Hope you had a good time at the park.
    Good for you for setting the boundaries with the perpetual repair woman!

  2. Beautiful! I love the yellow. I also have a hexagon project started thanks to Bonnie.

  3. Love all 3 of the quilts. I made my very first hexagon flower today! Now do I stop or make more??!

  4. I have an antique hexagon quilt that beckons me to try my hand at one, too. I have not taken the dive yet though. Between your's and Bonnie's posts about them I may take on the challenge yet. I am curious about the green in between the "flowers" on the pink one.

  5. What amazing quilts!!! I would be in so much trouble going to Sisters. I am going to make it oneof the days anyway. LOL

  6. Your quilts are lovely! I want to start making some hexagons. I would love to eventually have a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. Actually I have a vintage one that someone gave to me. It is not in excellent condition, but it is so soft that I refuse to get rid of it until it falls apart.
    You are so sweet to help the lady with the clothing problems, but I would be like you and have to draw the line somewhere! You don't want to be repairing her panties next. LOL

  7. Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do. Those are great quilts that you found at the show. Wish I could've been there. Maybe next year.