Friday, March 8, 2013

A little bragging time for Nana

If it's Friday, it is Nana Day! I was feeding Emma this morning and thought she looked adorable. Ryan and I have been going to the same breakfast place in SF for a long time, every week. This is what makes life so wonderful! I am blessed!!


  1. Sweet faces, Randy. Good times with Grandma! : )

  2. Precious times. And he will always have good, fun memories of going with you. She will soon join in, what lucky -lucky kiddos, and also a lucky -lucky Grandma. What do they call you? It is great being a gram or a great-gram which I am. Will do the same with the little GGs that we have.

    1. I am "Nana" which I love!! And I feel very lucky!!

  3. Oh what a sweetie; darling pictures and are dfinitely blessed. Enjoy...Julierose

  4. Just LOOK at the loving shining from their eyes and faces to you ... you can tell that Nana is special. I am a "special" aunt who spent as many hours as I possibly could with my nephew and nieces ... they're in their 20's now and I hear from them all the time ... sometimes we talk about "adventures" we had when they were growing up ... they remember them still! Those are GOOD memories .....

  5. Oh you lucky Nana!
    sweet sweet babies.

    Enjoy every minute :0)
    Happy Sewing

  6. Anytime if Bragging time for us Grandma. Cute kids!

  7. Ryan looks so grown up! He is just so cute. I can't believe how big Emma is getting. I just want to hug them both. (and maybe chase Ryan a bit, he looks like he would like running around laughing).

  8. NaNa Days are the best...... sure enjoy my Grammy Days!