Monday, April 21, 2014

Get your dog washed while your car is getting done?

This is a first! Since it's probably illegal to wash your own car here in California (or soon will be), I took my car for a washing. I saw this contraption on the way to pay!!


  1. They've built a new car wash in front of my work place and they have one of those too. I must be the only one who doesn't want a wet dog sitting on my car seat!! ? Or maybe the dog has to walk home? !!

  2. Illegal to wash your car?? Is that because of water restrictions? I'm with Chantal, unless they have a high powered "dog dryer", I don't want a wet dog in the car!

  3. There's this one in Manassas, VA. We passed it on the way to the fairgrounds for a quilt show last month. Check out the picture.

    Barbara in MD

  4. Okay, explain the illegal car wash thing.
    Is this doggy bath ever busy, I wonder?

  5. We have one in Janesville, but it's indoors and we use it at least twice a year. And yes, they have a dryer for you to use if you want. We also take some old towels with to dry the dogs. It makes it so much easier than doing it at home. And yes, explain the whole illegal thing to us. Must be about water consumption.

    1. We also have one in Traverse City ... it's like a "spa" that allows you to do your own dog. Washing, drying, grooming ... we also take our own towels. Don't wash the pooch at home anymore since they opened ... Sadie Anne loves it because she gets a car ride to AND from the wash ... win-win-win!! Linda

  6. Wow. I have never seen one of these. Sure would be nice to leave the mess there once the dog is clean and dry.

  7. That is pretty funny although a good idea!!