Monday, July 14, 2014

Antique purchases

Our first stop in Sisters has always been at a small antique quilt booth. We have all found great bargains and beautiful quilts over the years. This year is the last time our woman is doing it and I think the word spread because the booth was really busy even at 8:30
This is an overview of what was on display:

 The woman on the right is Anne, who we've bought many treasures from over the years. 

This is Lori holding on to her first find of the day!

This is a better look at what she found. Isn't it gorgeous!

This is the other seller, Barry, who is also retiring.

I think Claire snatched this one up.

I got this one! I love it. More photos later during our show n tell on my bed!

I almost bought this one and I'm really sorry I didn't. It's gorgeous!

I did get this one which is a "cutter" quilt but the bargain of the day!! $40!

Another view of the displays.

You can see why it was so hard to decide! They Are all fabulous! Mind you this is all before we started looking at the show! Kind of put us in the mood!!

I will show you what everyone got later today.


  1. wow! Maybe I should actually go to this show instead of always seeing it through other peoples eyes!! Now I will be waiting to see more!!! I will make sure the coffee is on and lets have a 'quilt show'!!

  2. I can't imagine having all those Antique quilts and selling them. What will they do with the rest of thier quilts? Did they sell out?

  3. wow, pure heaven, I love the pink one that Barry is holding I think I may have just added another quilt to my list of quilts to make !!!!
    great purchases , and yes that was a bargain!!!!
    always fun to see your quilt show pictures thanks for sharing these with us

  4. It would be so hard to pick just one! They are all fantastic. What collections they have.

  5. I am green with envy!!!

    Have some fun for me too.

    Happy Sewing

  6. Awwwwhhh! (BIG sigh) that was so beautiful! I've looked at your post more than once and I have chosen the quilts I would have bought if only I had been there. So beautiful! Love the ones you've picked but please explain what is a cutter quilt? Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait to see more eye-candy.

  7. I would still be trying to pick just one. LOL Thanks for sharing all those beautiful quilts.

  8. What gems! Too bad they are giving it up. Maybe someone else will take it up.

  9. Oh my! I am drooling. Lori's find looks very much like something she would pick. There is a quilt with cheddar sashing in the last photo. It would make a good sew-along quilt.

  10. So many lovely quilts! It would be so hard to choose one!

  11. Just makes me want to get stitching!! Lots of inspiration there!

  12. How beautiful! That would be a tough decision!

  13. Wow--love seeing these. The first quilt Barry is holding is the one that would have tempted me the most, but they are all fabulous! I'm sad that if I ever do actually get to Sisters, this will no longer be a part of it. You found some beauties--and a great bargain!

  14. Ok, I'm TOTALLY inspired! I'm heading off to my sewing room.....:)
    Terri in Texas

  15. I can't believe my favorite quilt is still there.....after 3 years! Amazing! You, Lori or Bonnie have had it in your pics over the last 3's the Rolling Stone, 2nd from the left in the last pic! I loved it from the first second I saw it.....and reproduced it over this last winter. Thanks for all the great pics......we can't ever get enough of antique quilts! Swoon!