Monday, August 4, 2014


I'm not a google addict but I happened to look for something this morning and was very pleasantly surprised by Google's opening page!
Quilt patterns!!
Apparently, it is a tribute to someone named John Venn on his 180th birthday. (thanks to Linda at 45th parallel for pointing this out to me)

On Monday, Google honored the work of John Venn, an English philosopher who devised a clever way to group things visually. His namesake Venn diagrams use circles to gather together similar traits and to reveal what unites us and what divides us.
For example, in one circle we have "mammals" (cats, goats, humans). In the other circle are "things with wings" (airplanes, butterflies, cartoon characters who drink Red Bull). But with a Venn diagram, the two circles overlap. 

Check it out!!


  1. I would never have seen it if you hadn't said something. I have a Google window in my tool bar, so I never go to the home page.
    How fun is that? Wonder whose idea it was?

  2. very fun of course I had to go look!

  3. Oh you are good! I was so concentrating on the Venn set diagrams as I remember High School, I didn't see the quilts!! Thanks for turning my light on :)

  4. Apparently it's John Venn's 180th birthday ... so that's how they decided to "celebrate" ... VERY COOL!

  5. My Singer 301A arrived this to figure out how to thread it wind bobbins etc...ACK it is in lovely shape and was packed so well...thanks again, Hugs, Julierose