Monday, February 23, 2015

25-patch lesson

My friends wanted to know how to do those 25-patch blocks so we did a little class!
Look how cute their blocks are!!

Terri decided to resize them (she was bored with the Dipped in Chocolate top). She made 2 other blocks using strips that were 2-1/4 and 1-3/4" strips. What a huge difference the smaller strips make!!

This is using the 2-1/2" strips 

This is using 2-1/4" strips. 

This one is adorable with 1-3/4" strips. She's going to make a baby quilt out of the blocks!

I want to show you the label on Debbie's Dipped in Chocolate:

Last but not least this is what they have in downtown Delevan! Adorable!!


  1. Great blocks !! Congrats ladies ! ;)
    And the sculptures are so funny....

  2. How fun to get to teach your friends a new block!

  3. I love 25 patch blocks. Once you get the strips sewn together the blocks aren't hard to make, but they have great visual appeal. Fun to see the variety of sizes.
    Cool snow and ice sculptures! : )

  4. Looks like I missed this while I was at my Open House. Love those blocks and I've also sized them down. I did a quilt using 1 1/2" strips. So, they finished at 1". It was adorable! Keep up the great work ladies.