Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A day's work

I did a little sewing this weekend to get my Circa 2016 blocks done. Still up to date!!

And then I spent hours working on the Jan Patek quilt. One block took me hours!! 

Fun quilt but a lot of pieces to appliqué down. 

I always struggle between projects and I'm in that space now. Know what I mean??  I have quilts that need bindings. Ugh!  Vbg 

And tons of projects but sometimes I struggle to get my motivation going!  Any ideas??


  1. I absolutely love the little fussy-cut flowers you included in your block!
    No ideas--I often stall at the binding because I know I am so slow. I have been known to pay people to bind a few quilts when I get a backlog that need to be done. I have no shame. : )

  2. Adorable basket! The pieces were big, so that is good. This month's watermelons should be easy.

  3. No ideas for motivation ... I am the "queen" of procrastination as my sewing room would attest. At least you do applique ... it makes me break out in a sweat! LOL Seriously, I love how it looks and have tried but get impatient with the process and how mine looks. Someday my gray matter will realize that it takes PRACTICE to get it to look good and the BEST practice is to just DO IT!! Linda

  4. Great basket! love the fussy cut flowers.
    When I run out of steam, I close the shop and take a vacation. Sometimes it is good to step away from fabric. (not too long, just a bit.) You've been to Sisters Quilt show and probably have a gazillion quilts on your mind. Give your brain a no-fabric diet for a few days. Don't even peek into the sewing room or quilt magazines. It works for me. Hope you get your mojo back up soon. ;^)

  5. Nice day's work! And, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for “One Lovely Blog Award”. You can read about it on my blog, but I wanted you to know that you don’t have to do anything. You are already and inspiration!

  6. The applique block is so pretty. I like applique but I fuse and hand stitch. I just can't get the hang of needle turn.
    Sometimes when I need some motivation I "organize my sewing room. Play a little with the fabric. Sometimes I make a list and that sort of kick starts me to sew.

  7. Love your basket! What a great idea for the flowers! I am not used to working with such large blocks for applique. On to the watermelons!

  8. Love your basket applique block - and especially your interpretation of the flowers!