Sunday, November 20, 2016

A little sewing, a little babysitting!

My son and his wife had their baby last Sunday so I've been pretty busy helping them out.  I stayed over in their apartment (on the couch... vbg) for 3 nights and thereby let my son sleep all night and I got up with the baby and the new mom.  I was pretty tired!  My son is adamant about not letting me post any pictures of the baby so I'm sorry.  Let me tell you that he's really cute, though!

And then I went on Friday and picked up the 3 darlings who spent the weekend with us.  WHEW!! 

I am in between projects, having finished the baby quilt last week.  I HATE being in between-- never know exactly what to do. Should I pick up a UFO or start something new??? Know what I mean??

I decided to tackle this quilt I've been planning since I bought the pattern in April from Quiltmania.  This was a mystery last year, which I didn't participate in.  They had an exhibit of many versions of the quilt and I thought it was just a gorgeous quilt.

I know it looks pretty abysmal and my handles aren't symmetrical!  Story of my quilting life!  I'm sewing all the pieces down with machine appliqué, so it'll go faster.  Next step is the flowers, which are broderie purse.  I have a wonderful DiFord fabric I bought in Wisconsin earlier this year that I'm planning to use.  This is definitely a slow project!

While I was helping with the new baby, I did work on another Primitive Gatherings wool appliqué block!~

This has really been a fun project, I must admit!  There are 12 of these little ones and I think I've done 7.

Then I decided I'd make a quilt of valor quilt, using a picture of a quilt I loved from Primitive Gatherings.  Problem is that I couldn't figure out the size of the strips.  I cut them 2" but I think they are too wide.  I'm not loving the size of the blocks... 8"!

It's a really cute quilt and I may call them tomorrow to ask them the width of the strips.  Maybe they're 1- 1/2"??

On another note, I went into a shop that used to be a Noah's bagels the other day.  They now sell cupcakes (yummy!) and I couldn't believe how fabulous the floor was.  I never noticed it when Noah's was there!  VBG

Very cute, don't you think??

speaking of hexies, my new Quiltmania project has 4 hexie flowers in the corners and I don't have the precut hexies that are the right size.  I need 7/8" finished... 28 of them.  Do you have that size?  I'll be happy to pay you.

Hoping to get some sewing done this week.  Having a grandchild with your son, rather than your daughter, makes a HUGE difference.  ;-)  We went over today to see them and my son made sure I wasn't thinking of staying overnight this week again!!  hmmmppphhhhh...

And then it's Thanksgiving on Thursday and we will have all the kids as well as my mother! The age range is from 89 to 1 week!! SWEET.  Is that 4 generations?  Or 3?  Not sure but it's still impressive.  I'm going to make sure we get a family picture of everyone together even though I always wind up twisting arms to get everyone to cooperate.  Ridiculous!!


  1. I have a 3 months old grandson and am spending quite some time to help out. That's nice and he is o so sweet, but my patchwork projects are way behind!!! They're calling me! In the beginning I thought I could do some work when he was asleep. Well, forget about it. Doesn't work!
    Beautiful project your are going to tackle.

  2. Congratulations on your new grandson! The quilting can wait, but it does look like you've made good progress. The Di Ford quilt is so beautiful.

  3. I can't believe you are tackling the Mountmellick quilt! I thought about it, but then I just hoped that I would win Sue Watters raffle quilt that was made by Di herself. Well, it turns out that I did not win so maybe I should join you? Maybe after the new year! Funny, my daughter has that exact floor in her bathroom. The first time I saw it I told her it looked like a quilt. She just rolled her eyes! I don't blame you son for not wanting photos on the Internet, but I'll just bet he is as cute as can be!

  4. I believe paper would have your hexagons.

  5. It's FOUR generations, Randy and what a blessing that is! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving ... it's one of my favorite holidays because it is minimal commercialized (so far). That's quite a challenge you've set for yourself but have no doubt you'll finish it ... anxious to see your progress and happy you'll be sharing. Linda

  6. I, too, am perplexed when between projects--so many to start BUT what about all those UFOs? Sigh...

  7. your mother is one generation
    you are the second generation
    your son is the third generation
    your grandson is the fourth generation !!!

    sure hope there is one picture of the four of you..... in 50 years the relatives will be so happy to see the four generations together...
    Oh and of course the whole crowd in another photo.

    Now give your son two weeks of less than great sleep and he may change his tune about help.

  8. With all that you have going on I am impressed that you choose to tackle that quilt!! It is gorgeous!
    Which Primitive Gatherings quilt are you trying to make? If I have the pattern you could borrow it.
    That will be wonderful for you to have 4 generations together for Thanksgiving. We hope to have the same, but my MIL isn't doing well, so I am not sure if it will happen.
    You may have to twist some arms to get your photo, but it will be worth it--and they will thank you later!

  9. I am so excited that you are tackling the Montmellick quilt and I'm going to love watching your progress! It's one of my favorite patterns.

  10. The quilt of Di Ford is a great choice !
    Happy thanksgiving with your family Randy !

  11. I just finished making Mountmellick. It was quite the project and I am happy to have it at the longarm quilters now. You will need several different paper pieces for it and I would suggest ordering them all at one time from Paperpieces. They are wonderful to deal with and have fast mailing. Good Luck with all your projects!

  12. Yes yes yes get a picture...that is four generations! Have a blessed Thanksgiving and congratulations on number four lucky Nana.

    Happy all the projects!

  13. Congrats on your new addition Grandmama! It looks like you have plenty to keep you busy with that not so mystery quilt! WOW! I can't wait to see what your QOV will look like! Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. In another blogger's side bar, your Mountmellick quilt photo caught my eye. I hope your journey with this project is as much fun and filled with discovery as it was for the rest of us. There is a Facebook page just for this quilt should you need any assistance or have questions. Di's online tutorials are excellent too. Congratulations on your new Grandma status - and sending Thanksgiving greetings from snow covered northern Wisconsin.

  15. You are very ambitious to tackle that quilt!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely!