Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Holiday goof ups??

I just read a funny article online about holiday screwups and I thought I'd ask you to share your funniest mistakes at a  holiday.

I'll tell you mine:

Several years ago, we were up at the cabin in Oregon for Thanksgiving.  There wasn't enough room in the refrigerator for everything so I put the pumpkin pie into a cooler sitting on ice in the garage.  When we went to eat it, all the ice had melted and the pumpkin pie was SUBMERGED in water.  Talk about soggy!!!  My kids will never let me forget that one!

What about you?  Ever done anything that didn't quite work out as you'd planned???

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, whether you are sharing it with friends or family, large gatherings or small, at home or out... it's a time to reflect on how lucky we are to have all that we have.  

I am blessed in so many ways, not the least of which is having you in my life, as a friend I know I can always count on. 

 I had some rough spots this summer and I was touched beyond measure by the outpouring of love and support from the few bloggers I had shared my pain with, women who I had never met in real life, but you nonetheless went out of your way to offer a helping hand.  I know I could count on all of you and I hope you feel the same way about me.  Much love to you now and forever!


  1. One year, I made a pumpkin pie and put it into the oven, using a Pyrex pie plate. Halfway through the baking, I heard a loud noise, and found that the Pyrex dish had shattered, spreading pie filling and crust bits all over the inside of the oven.

  2. I don't know that my story is really funny. A few years ago I was working on getting the drippings from around the cooked bird so that I could make the gravy while hubby carved the bird. I pulled off my anniversary ring (my wedding set was in a box waiting for a repair job) and another little gold ring I was wearing at the time, and placed them on the kitchen counter (even though there was a ring holder on the window ledge above) while I worked.
    We were eating at my sister's home 10 miles away, and after loading our share of the food into our car, we were backing out of the driveway when I realized I hadn't put my rings back on.
    By the time we got home I had forgotten about it and it was a couple of days later before I began an earnest search for my rings. They have never been found. They must have been swept up with all of the oven bag and turkey carcass remains and are now buried somewhere in the local landfill.

  3. I wish you a thoroughly fun and pleasant weekend with no awkward surprises (or soggy-ing up the pies, lol) I can't remember any stupid thing my family or I did during the big gatherings but I'm sure we have made our fair share. We are a funny family you know! Blessings. ;^)

  4. Not a mistake but a misunderstanding. Many, many years ago, my husband won a turkey just before Thanksgiving but we either had an invite to my in-laws or it might have been the year we had them to our home and the turkey was already purchased. We did not have a big freezer so we placed in my in-laws freezer for a future family gathering. Come Easter, no family plans had been made but we dropped by their home later in the day. They had eaten the turkey that day and wondered why we had not shown up to eat. My mother-in-law was sure she had invited us but she hadn't. We teased her about it for years and she insisted she knew she had invited us. LOL! They enjoyed the turkey.

  5. I forgot the sugar in the Pumpkin Pie one year. We got married on Thanksgiving 40 years ago. It's a double celebration for us.

  6. Oh my.... did you buy another bigger refregirator until that ? ah ah !
    Happy Thanksgiving with all your family !

  7. A family friend (who wasn't a good cook) offered our family Thanksgiving dinner. The "deal" was we would make all the sides (including dressing which we cook outside of the bird for a crustier crust on top ... is crustier a word???) Anyway all the side dishes were prepared, prepped for travel and off we went. Arrived at their home and upon entering we were NOT welcomed with the wafting odors that cooking turkey produces. She sworn it was cooking ... she's put it in 6 hours before but hadn't checked it yet. Well, she DID put the turkey in the oven but failed to turn the oven on. It was a HUGE turkey and was going to take a long time to cook. She tried to redeem the day by using this brown basting sauce (UGH!!) on the uncooked turkey and microwaving it in chunks. I had only sides that holiday ... and we've had Thanksgiving at home every year since ;-) Linda

  8. Today's goof up was that I was to bring the lettuce salad this year. Packed up the bowl, dressing, serving tongs & apron in a box on the kitchen table. Hubby put the box in the van, and so when I came out from the back room with my coat I just hopped in the car. Drove an hour to sis-in-law's house. Unpacked ... Lettuce is still in my fridge at home. Good thing there was plenty of everything else to eat.

  9. Goofs--don't think there is enough space for me to answer that one. We all have so many thinks to be thankful for! One is surely our quilting friends.

  10. a thanksgiving after my mom moved into a new apt attached to an old barn...we cooked squash and pecan pies and left them on the counter the AM they had little marks all over them...mice had come in and had a feast! the local bakery wanted $15 per pie so we had to settle for one apple that mom baked at the last minute...after we ran out and got