Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sisters Quilt Show, part I

Saturday was the annual Sisters Quilt show near our cabin in central Oregon.  We have established a routine of sorts--we leave very early in the morning to beat the traffic getting into the tiny town of Sisters and to enable us to see a lot of the show before it gets crowded and hot.  This year we got into Sisters before 8:00 AM!!  We found a great parking spot near the park, where we always meet for lunch afterwards.  Lori was a great navigator!

Our first stop was the Stitchin Post, which is THE quilt store in Sisters.  Jean Wells, the owner, was the person who started the yearly quilt show, always on the second Saturday in July.  They have established their own tradition of offering an employee challenge, the results of which they hang on the outside wall of their store.

Unfortunately the trees have really grown next to the shop so you can't get close to the quilts--the majority of them are also too high to really see.  But the whole effect is pretty dramatic.  You can see how crowded it was before 8:30 am!!

We did a little retail damage inside the Stitchin Post and I thought you'd enjoy a little look at what the shop looks like.  I didn't take many pictures as we were on a mission (get in and get out!!).  Unfortunately I didn't think about looking for the Sue Spargo thread until later in the day, and the show was just packed!

These are just a few of the class samples.

This is their cutting table and more store samples along the wall!

This was a sample they had of a bag but they sadly didn't have any more patterns.  I think it's adorable and I plan to order the pattern.

We decided that we'd head directly for the teacher's tent, which is a large tent where the instructors from the week's classes display their class samples or other quilts they have made for books they sell.  It's usually very crowded so we had hoped we'd beat the crowds;  that didn't work out as planned but it was still a great place to see the quilts, which turned out to be almost all modern quilts!

My favorites were by Tula Pink!  I think I just love her fabrics.  I don't think the patterns are particularly intricate or unusual.  It's the use of the fabrics and colors which "make the quilt," as the saying goes!

I am having trouble downloading them but will post pictures as soon as blogger is ready to cooperate! 


  1. Oh thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure--great stuff hugs, Julierose

  2. I posted my Blog about Sisters on Monday and Today. Blogger was causing a bit of computer issues. I had to re-boot a couple times. Glad we got to Meet up in the Park!

  3. I have only been to Sisters when it is NOT the quilt show time, so it is fun to see all that goes on when I am not there. Yeah, whoever planted those trees wasn't thinking "quilt show".
    Are you planning to become THE bag lady? That is a fun looking one. : )

  4. you would not dare hang quilts outside around here a sure sign it would rain! Such a shame about the trees blocking the view.What a great day it must have been, like you I love Tula`s fabrics and have bought about 15 fat quarters so far gradually building up a stash.

  5. Thanks for the pictures! Hard to wait while Blogger sorts itself out because I want to see the rest! I love the llamas on the wall.