Friday, March 23, 2018

Another UFO bites the proverbial dust

Among my other activities and in my spare time (HAHAHA), I belong to a knitting club called CHIX.  We meet once a month and last night was my turn to host.

Food first!!  I whipped up some chocolate chip biscotti over the weekend which were a big hit.

Since I really don't love knitting and didn't have anything ready for working on last night, I decided I should find a hand-sewing project I could substitute. You might ask WHY I belong to a knitting club if I don't love knitting... that's for another blog post! In my defense, there's another woman who also isn't much of a knitter who was sewing down a binding on a charity quilt!. 

I also didn't have anything in process so I did a quick survey of my piles and found a mini quilt I'd made and quilted some years ago (I must confess that I have ABSOLUTELY no recollection as to where, when or why I made this!) which needed a binding. ( I do have a very vague recollection of deciding on the variety of reds for the setting triangles, but that's about it!)
What's the lesson here?  Don't leave things "almost done"?  Be sure to use labels?? Not sure.

So I quickly found a fabric, sewed on the binding and I had a hand sewing project for when my fellow CHIX were visiting, sewing down the binding.  It kept me busy the entire time I had my friends over, so it was perfect.  And it is now hanging on my wall with  other small quilts.
Can't say, though, that the completion reduced the pile size by much nor did my stash get reduced much...the gold for the binding was maybe half a yard! ;-)

What next??? hmmmmm. I did start that mini I showed you earlier this week, starting to cut out my squares and backgrounds for the snowball blocks! Stay tuned...  I'm feeling in the mini mood and completing things is sounding really appealing to me!

And in typical Randy fashion, here is the back:


  1. I got a chuckle out of you belonging to a knitting group when you don't enjoy knitting. The company must be worthwhile. I look forward to the post that explains it. :)
    This is a sweet little mini sampler. How large are the blocks? I like the balance of the 16-patch blocks in the corners.
    I might use up more of my scraps if I would take the time to create backs like you do. Very fun!

  2. The back is as interesting as the front.
    There must be a story about you belonging to the knitting group. I can knit but do not have a desire to belong to a group doing it. I would never be able to do the really fancy knitting projects. The first sweater I made was a disaster.

  3. What a cute quilt. That backing is wonderful. I also love pieced backings.

  4. Isn't there some quilter's club around your place that you could join? A knitting club? Oh, well. Why not? Maybe you'll learn, lol. Congratulations on the mini finish. I love it. That pop of yellow is so energizing. Love it. ;^)

  5. Reminds me of a quilt group I used to belong to named "No Name Quilters" Not all members were quilters, though most were. We included a weaver and a rug hooked. It was very informal and we met in member homes.

  6. Your quilt is adorable and was well worth finishing! I absolutely LOVE mini quilts.

  7. LOVE this mini quilt.......colors are terrific. What size are the blocks? I'm betting 4" !

  8. I belong to couple groups also that are "quilting" groups but attended by knitters, crocheters, and cross stitcher's. I think it's all about being social and having fun. Your quilt is adorable, as always! I always wish I had written myself notes about some of my projects--sometimes I even remember to do it--haha!

  9. Finished is fantastic.. Way to go, this one is cute and worthy of being finished.

  10. What a cute mini! Hope to hear the story about the knitting group.

  11. You are too funny! But, I get it. I joined a knitting group at my church when I first moved here to get to know people. I also learned to knit socks, which I can now do, but I don't like them as much as socks I can buy. Hee Hee!