Thursday, August 22, 2019

Loving my long drives

Our cabin is about 500+ miles from our house in California and it takes 8+ hrs to make the drive (that's with one QUICK potty/gas stop only).  My dh loves to drive so it gives me an opportunity to work on my handwork during the trips.

I've finished many small projects over the years.  Recently I've been working on the Primitive Gatherings Summer Block of the Month (from 2018!!) and am enjoying it immensely, even though it took me almost a year to get started.

I'm almost done with the second block!

The red is much more burgundy than it shows in the picture.  
I've prepared the next block for the next drive back up to the cabin, which will be tomorrow!  Yes, it's a round trip in just 5 days... we had to return the grandkids to SF because they started school today;  we are going back for the next few weeks because I LOVE being there for Labor Day (the weather always has a dramatic change and you can feel it in the air!);  we also have some friends coming to visit.

On another topic, we love our cabin and we had a phenomenal builder.  I ran into him a couple of weeks ago and he told me that his wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has to undergo the usual chemo, radiation and surgery.  Immediately I told him I'd send off a quilt to her.  So when I got back to California, I finished up this quilt, which had been waiting to be sent to a needy person and it's on its way to her now.

I think I need to make smaller quilts which would function as a lap quilt!  Know what I mean?  Maybe these large quilts are over-rated!! ;-)
This was a jelly-roll type quilt that I made using left-over scraps from a much smaller project. 

I still am needing to do my Pam Buda monthly project for August AND my August mini... my favorite "task-master" will be wondering what's taking so long!!! (just kidding, Wendy Reed!! You know I love you!!  You keep me on task!!)


  1. Your block is so pretty, nice to have the drive time to work on it! Sorry to hear about your builders wife. The quilt is such a nice gesture, she will appreciate it. I went through treatment for breast cancer last year, in fact a year ago I had just started chemo. When the chemo drugs started pumping into my system, they made me cold. They were actually room temperature but that was cooler than body temp. Thank goodness for recliners with heated seats and warm blankets. I would tuck the blanket under my chin and it tucked in all the way past my feet, so the bigger blankets are useful. Hope she does well in treatment and comes out cancer free!

  2. Oh how I love that block! I can't imagine stitching that in the car. Your roads must be much smoother than ours! Your gift of that wonderful quilt will be much appreciated for sure. I know what you mean about making them smaller. Our group had been making these "large" quilts for donations and we just recently figured out that a small lap quilt would be appreciated just as much and sometimes even more! You are too funny to think I am a taskmaster - I just wish I could taskmaster myself! I have my monthly Pam Buda done but am still working on my mini. I have way too many deadlines right now. All self imposed!!

  3. your block looks wonderful! Its a whig rose variation right? Love the look.
    We're drivers too. takes us 17 hours to get to our farm in Illinois, ouch. Did it last summer.
    I do like car trips.
    how kind to give a quilt to your builders wife. Oh I am so over really big quilts. I find that lap size or 50"square is perfect for me

  4. Wow--your PG block is beautiful--this will be a lovely quilt, for sure! It's so sweet of you to think of gifting that quilt. I hope you find some time to finish all those minis!

  5. Your roads must be much smoother than they are here in my part of Texas. I try to work in the car and it is bump, needle move, bump, needle jump . . aargh. Your block is lovely.
    Hoping your friend has an easy time of healing.

  6. The neutral wools on the red background is stunning. What a wonderful gift you were able to share. Enjoy your time at the cabin. Fall isn't that far away.

  7. Your PG block is lovely! So nice that you can make use of that long drive. Really like the new machine from the last post! How do you like using it? Quilts are beautiful, too!

  8. My DH loves to drive as well and we will be driving to Florida for Christmas. I have an appliqué project that I won several years ago and you have inspired me to get it ready to work on during the drive. I guess we are both lucky in that we can do things in a moving car. I also love to read during trips. From McMinnville to FL is about 5 days! I do love your appliqué piece. I also agree with you about making more lap sized quilts. I have a few large quilts in the planning, but when they are finished I hope I don't have to make very many more.