Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A silver lining

I have always had more of the "glass is half full" type of approach to life so even though I'm not enjoying all the restrictions, I have found many reasons to appreciate the time we've been forced to shelter in place.  You'll not find me complaining about any of this, honestly.

One such part of my enjoying this period has been my walking.  What a friend and I devised was a walk and talk time every day at 2:00 where we talk on the phone (she's in California) and I'm still in Oregon.  We've been doing this since we first left California on March 16th, so two months.  That's about 25 miles/week.  Our cabin is situated in a resort area surrounded by woods so my 5 mile walk every day is around the perimeter of the property.  It's literally a walk through the woods.  I do the same walk every day, although I vary which direction I walk and where I enter the woods!  Never feel tired of it.

Last week I felt like my feet were feeling super flat before I set out.  Finally, I realized, AH HA, I may need new shoes.  So, now that Bend has opened up a bit, I went into town on Sunday (actually went into a store) and bought myself a new pair of shoes. WOW!  What a difference!
And I won't likely lose them any time soon!  BRIGHT!!

A girl's socks should match her shoes, right?  So fortunately I have orange socks to match the shoes!  Aren't they great?  They are the Hoka brand and I've really enjoyed them.  HUGE difference.

Not only me but my friend, who I've been "walking" with these past 2 months, also realized her back and leg aches might be due to needing new shoes and she, of course, got the SAME ones.  If only we were walking together in real life, right??  VBG

On the sewing front, I've worked on my next mini.  I am not sure if the one I just finished was the April or May mini, actually.  This one just needs to be sewn together and quilted.

As part of my effort to use up leftover pieces, the center 4-patches were from that same quilt project with the teeny-tiny 4-patches I just posted.
There is another pile of 4-patches left over from the same project so I'm also making log cabin blocks out of them.  Unfortunately the centers don't pop out, but I'm trying to use up some ufo/orphan materials so I'll live with it.

Did I show you the cute little house I made?  I printed out the free pattern but only made one.  Of course I kind of screwed it up and put the door upside down.  Oh well.

And my trip around the world is done for now.  I'm making this for the small quilt group I belong to as a donation for a child.  It'll have to wait until we can meet again but I'm going to put it together and set it aside until we head back to California in June.

You will remember that I've been working on a Primitive Gatherings wool applique giant quilt, mostly sewing in the car.  I had a brilliant idea (actually I heard it from someone else) to hand sew, even just 15 minutes a day.  So I pulled my car project out and set it on a chair by the window and have been working just a few minutes each day on a little hand sewing.  We just put up a bird feeder outside on a tree and I'm enjoying watching the little chickadees (they are the only takers so far!) fly up to the seed, nibble, and fly away.

The project is sitting on a wool throw quilt that I knitted some years ago.  I lay under it in case I need a little nap in the afternoon! ;-)  And the weather here in Central Oregon is still pretty chilly so I had the fireplace going this morning!

Hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and feeling good!  I wish you all good things, feelings and health!


  1. Lovely sneakers. The brighter the better it is to help you step lively and walk on sunshine. I so love the idea of walking with a friend. So sweet. Love your log cabin. Kudos for using up orphans. Love your wool project and yes, those few minutes of stitching will add up to a lot. Enjoy! ;^)

  2. You went shopping in Bend, OR? Are you living here now? Then please update your profile. If you are lucky enough to be in Bend, OR, then you likely know of the plethora of quilt shops available in that area. I missed out on the shop hop they had end of Sept. last year (it would be quite a drive from here east of there by a number of hours!) Wish there was a way to sign up for your blog via e-mail. Love your blog.

  3. That is such a fun idea to walk "with" your friend in California--and now to have cool matching shoes! LOL
    The little log cabin quilt is so sweet. Do the centers have to pop?
    So many things get done if we just do a few minutes a day. Smart to leave the project out where you can just pick it up and stitch when you can.
    And I have to say, I love a window seat! I think that caught my eye in the photo even before I noticed your project (which is lovely). Wanted one at my house but hubby couldn't figure out a place to put it. :(

  4. Hurray for new shoes! What bliss to be able to take a beautiful walk each day like that. Nice idea - comfy seat, hand work at the ready.

  5. In February I flew to Phoenix to visit my daughter. I needed some new clothing so I had her go shopping with me. Besides the lovely blouses I purchased, I needed a new pair of shoes. I bought the same shoes you have. I can't believe the difference, I feel like I'm walking on air! Your wool project is beautiful. Happy stitching!

  6. It is true! you never have complained once about our home confinement. You are such a positive person. I love that cozy spot to hand stitch. I don't know the pacific coast birds, but they will come.
    Love those tiny log cabin blocks. so so cute.
    you've been busy with fun projects.
    I can't wait to walk more again. Having a loop is nice you just shoe up and go.

  7. Your shoes are wonderful, I'm going to be a "copycat" and check them out... as I need new ones also!

    Love all your projects and your cozy "special" spot. It has been a cool spring here in Iowa as we are also still using our fireplace.

    Your house block and the upside front door as personally if you desided to make more I am sure it won't be if so you can laugh and say I was having
    "wine and sewing" need I say more!! Stay safe and injoy your time at your cottage.

  8. I do a lot of walking too and it's all about the shoes--lol! Love your little mini--so cute. Great idea to do some daily stitching and enjoy some bird watching at the same time. Our orioles arrived last week--a sure sign of spring in Minnesota!