Saturday, May 30, 2020

We have a winner...and more!

Thanks to all who showed an interest in having that curved ruler.  My random number picker chose RUTH.

Please send me your snail mail address so I can send it on to you.

I haven't gotten a lot of sewing done this past week.    Our middle daughter came to visit us this past week so I was hardly in the sewing room. That was a great surprise to us--she's been holed up in a very small studio apartment in SF since mid March so it was good for her to get out!

 I did decide on a project for the use of the log cabin blocks I made (I think I made 25 blocks);  the good news is that I completely depleted all the small 4-patches in the centers so I think I can call that ufo completely finished!!  I have two machines set up in my sewing room and have been using old pillow cases draped over them when not in use.  I decided that enough was enough and I whipped up a sewing machine cover for my 1130 Bernina.  This is going to be my June mini for Wendy's mini challenge.  WOOHOO.  I"m ahead...miracles do happen!

Hope you're having a great weekend.  We had a really freak storm this afternoon here at the cabin.  It went from a toasty 80* to 55* in an hour, with the clouds turning almost black, the wind picked up, the rain started pelting the house and hail flew everywhere. And then it was over!!

Here is your funny story for the day:
Our dog, Max, has needed a haircut for a while.  Golden Retriever?  LOTS of hair.  So I finally sat down to trim him (I'm not very good at it, truth be told).  Decided after half hour to change the blades and OOPS...the darn thing fell apart!  So poor Max (who doesn't look in the mirror) has a small portion of his coat trimmed pretty short--the rest is still long and bushy. YIKES...
I'm hoping DH will figure out how to put the blades back together so I can finish his haircut!  


  1. I love your idea of turning your log cabin blocks into a sewing machine cover. Fabulous! It looks great. Congrats! The weather is pretty erratic around here too but no hail yet. I just planted my little garden. I sure hope no hail is coming our way. Take care. ;^)

  2. How nice that your daughter could come visit.
    A really great use of your log cabin leftovers. I need to make machine covers, and have even set aside fabric for them, but never get them done. :)
    Wow--what a freak storm!
    Hope your dear doggy can get his haircut evened out soon.

  3. Excellent use of the log cabin blocks, Randy. I bet your machine is feeling pretty darn pampered!

  4. Clever use of your blocks--I've been meaning to make a cover for my machine for years, but it hasn't happened. I may have to sort through my orphan blocks and see what I can do. That storm looks crazy! We also have had some beautiful days only to be followed by bad ones. Let's hope those are over and it will be summer weather for a while--lol! I hope Max gets the rest of his beauty treatment soon!

  5. Your log cabin sewing machine covers fit the bill for both your monthly minis and a perfect addition to your cabin sewing room. Poor Max. If I had tried to cut my own hair, that's probably what I would have looked like too.

  6. The log cabin mini is perfect. Poor Max ...

  7. Great way to use your log cabin blocks! Looks so good. What a storm!

  8. Thanks so much for picking my name! Wow! I haven't won anything for a long time. This is exciting! I will send my address right now.

  9. Thanks for the give away. No Haircuts in this state yet. Like your idea on the sewing machine cover. Have orphan blocks theat would be good for this.

  10. love how your cover turned out! I don't even have a cover.
    congrats to Ruth
    what a wild storm - crazy. I love werid weather, as long as I'm home and safe. Poor Max but I'm sure he dosn't mind.