Monday, September 28, 2020

Trying to get back to appliqué!

 I was so very enticed by Gladiquilts job on the Stars & Sprigs quilt  that I ordered the pattern, bought some great background fabric and got started.  I have done a lot of appliqué but it's been years.

I'm doing a bright version and using a great red background!

These are the first two blocks I finished.  The pattern alternates with pieced stars.  I made one but I think the contrast is too great between the red background and the light background.  So I'm not sure what I'll use for the stars.  Don't you agree?

There are many different methods to appliqué the leaves;  for this project so far I've been cutting the shapes out of freezer paper, sticking the freezer paper to the back of the shape, cutting out the shape with the seam allowance and then pressing the seam onto the shiny side of the freezer paper.
I've done it where I've used spray starch and a firm brush, which also works.  Needle turn is another method I've used.  I think it depends on my mood!

I got a fabulous package of fabric last week from Wendy Reed (constant quilter) who went shopping for me at Cyndi Black's shop in Maine.  Boy did I get some fabulous fabrics.  And I mentioned to Wendy I was looking for some purples!  She did a fabulous job as my personal shopper!

I think these fabrics will keep me busy for a while!

I'm trying to take advantage of the last days of warm weather here in Central Oregon.  The leaves have started to turn and the mornings are a brisk 32*!  Last week I kayaked with my friend at a lake where we were able to see 3 mountains from the Cascade Range.  

You're looking at the South Sister which is a huge peak.  The snow hasn't even completely melted.  My kayak is an inflatable one, which means I can fold it up and throw it into the back of the car.  No need to kill myself putting it on the roof.  No thanks.  Has to be easy for me.

But let me tell you a couple of weeks ago, my dh and I went to go kayaking and we got all the way to the lake, and I unloaded the boats and pump when I realized I had forgotten one of the paddles.  UGH.  

I'm going again tomorrow as this week is gorgeous here in Bend!  And I will be sure to bring my paddle.  My husband says I should have a check-list but I'm not a check-list kind of girl.  :-))

Hope everyone is having a great week and staying safe.


  1. I've been following Gladi as well. I've had that pattern for a long time. It's tempting. Anyway, I love your red background and your appliques look fantastic. Lots of great fabric choices. Wow! To have Wendy as your personal shopper. Lucky you! Enjoy your time ourdoors.

  2. Wow--those are really fun blocks with the red backgrounds. Have you considered a cheddar background on the stars?
    Oh, my goodness, having Wendy as your personal shopper at Cyndi's?!? Where do I sign up? I want it all, the purples, the toile, and the conversation prints. LOL You really scored, Randy!!
    I am so jealous of your time on the water. We were in Yellowstone park over the weekend, but it was cold and windy and the water was choppy. We stuck to the trails

  3. your project start looks great. wow what a beautiful array of purples!
    OH My you will have fun picking those out for the blocks.
    Maybe Kyle will join in the fun with you.
    Thanks for another paddly photo - just gorgeous!
    Soak it up today and have fun

  4. with every other block red or pale it will make a nice checkerboard look that ZINGS!

  5. That red background is fabulous. Love your applique. What if you were to do a reversed star with a darker background, brown or purple (since you have quite a loot there)and make the star lighter? Just saying. Enjoy the great weather. Those wonderful days are counted. ;^)

  6. So exciting that you started your Stars and Sprigs project! I hope you enjoy the process. I LOVE the red background for the sprigs, but I'm not sure about the star you show. I would possibly consider either more colorful stars on the light background or try a background that doesn't contrast as much with the red. I'm sure whatever you do will be excellent and I look forward to following your progress!

  7. Your red background is great. Lovely start, such energy. How great to have Wendy as your personal shopper at Cyndi's! Gorgeous lake!

  8. How nice to have a personal shopper like Wendy. I wish that shop was online. I don't think I will ever make it there. I have heard many times what a wonderful selection they have.

  9. So glad to hear you like the fabrics Wendy picked out for you!

  10. The colors are great in your applique blocks, as usual and that's a fun block too! I can almost smell the crisp mountain air! take care!

  11. Oh no up the creek without a paddle :0) Kayaking has kept me sane through this crazy 2020. Happy Sewing!