Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Too quick on the publish button

 I had a bunch of pictures to post with my last post but I was too quick (or just incompetent...) and the pictures didn't make it.

So here I will share with you my latest block that I finished from the Primitive Gatherings Twilight Garden.  I have TWO more blocks to make before I start on the center and borders, which will probably take me forever.  I am loving this project and quilt but no matter how hard I try, I always seem to have parts off-center.  Being perfect is just not in my make-up!

I made more sprigs and stars as well.

I have been getting some great ideas from comments and have changed my methodology somewhat.

I'm trying to be a little less random so am staying with a certain fabric for groupings.  I'm not sure it'll be noticeable but it's fun to try something different.

I say why not have some fun.  Scooters and roosters?  Heck YES!

We went back to California for the weekend to see the grandkids and had a wonderful time.  I started my 11 yr old grandson on a jelly roll quilt.  Here is where he sews!~

He can reach the foot pedal as long as it's on a foot-stool! ;-)

Popsicles on our front porch steps has been a tradition since they were very small.  On Saturday the weather was beautiful and they helped me wash the snow residue off my car from our drive!
What a fun time we had!  No water fights, though! Air was too cool. ;-(

Hope you're having a great week!  Stay safe!


  1. The Twilight Garden pattern has always struck my fancy though I never purchased. I like the neutrals on the darker background.

  2. Twilight Garden is beautiful and your added twigs and Stars blocks are great. I like the bright modern fabrics you're using. Glad you had some "grand" time.

  3. LOVE that your GS is making a jelly roll quilt!!

  4. Love your batiks on the sprig blocks. How fun to see your grandkids and bonus that sewing was involved!

  5. Your blocks looks great. The new stars are so so fun.
    Your primitive gatherings looks fabulous. I want to see all the blocks that are done. they are just gorgeous.
    such cute cute photos of the kids :)

  6. Those sprig blocks are so sensational! I love the fun prints in the star centers too. Ryan's sewing station is perfect! Now if we can just see what he is working on!

  7. Twilight Garden is beautiful.
    I am loving your Sprigs and Stars! Some great fussy-cuts in there.
    That is a fun shot of the grands! :)