Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween

Halloween is such a fun kid holiday!  Our neighborhood always attracts loads of kids.  We usually run out of candy!  Don't you love Halloween?!

Being in California now, we are enjoying fall all over again.  It's not as cold obviously as Oregon so the fall colors are a little later.  Here is one of my favorite Japanese Maple trees outside our front door.

First picture was a week ago;  second one today!  Amazing changes, right?

I took our dog for a walk this week and passed a house with many trees and great Halloween decorations!

I finished my October mini this morning!  WOOHOO.  I decided to do the reverse of what I did last month!  I did circles on light backgrounds in September;  this month I used dark backgrounds!

I used one of my favorite fabrics for the backing!  BIRDS!  And the border fabric is another of my favorite fabrics with birds as well!

Here's my funny story of the week--I had my book group at my house last weekend for brunch and baked a coffee cake using a very elaborate bundt pan.  BIG mistake.  The entire cake stuck to the pan and I had to dig it out. UGH

It worked out fine because my friends started nibbling on the coffee cake as soon as they arrived since no one had to slice it!! VBG.  And, by the way, the book I chose was LOVED by everyone so I'll recommend that you read Tammy Duckworth's autobiography called "Every Day Is A Gift"!  Very inspiring!
Have a great week!


  1. Love your darling mini quilt! That cake looks so good...I would eat it with a spoon!

  2. I love your mini! Thanks for the book recommendation and the fall photos!

  3. Fabulous monthly mini. You have a circle series started. Fall colors are the best.

  4. The mini quilt is fabulous! Those autumn trees in the photos are really pretty too.

  5. Great Fall colors and I Love your mini! The cake may not be pretty but it still looks yummy!

  6. Oh yes! I adore that mini. Wendy colors for sure!! That border fabric is one of my favorites. I don't see anything wrong with that cake. It looks like everything I cook. Bet it was yummy! I'm planning on reading that book on my flight next month. Can't wait.

  7. Every day is a gift, sadly we are often to busy or to caught up in the moment to acknowledge the gift before our eyes

  8. What a gorgeous maple! And fun Halloween vibe. Cute quilt, funny about the cake and it looks delish! Thanks for the book recommendation!

  9. I never get tired of circle quilts and yours is lovely! Fun to see your bird fabrics; birds on fabric are a favorite of mine, too. I have huge respect for Tammy Duckworth, so will definitely have to read her book - thanks for the recommendation!

  10. beautiful trees!
    I loved Tammy's book too. your poor cake. I bet it tasted delicious.
    LOVE your circle quilt. Still need to send you some light ones.

  11. I thought I had already commented here, but as I am going through the links in Wendy's mini post I can see that I read, but did not comment. My bad!
    Gorgeous fall color!
    You made a very sweet circle mini. Great border fabric, and the backing is very pretty.
    I feel your pain on the coffee cake. Had that happen more than I care to admit. But I'll bet it was delicious!