Monday, October 18, 2021

More fall colors

 hello my dear devoted bloggers,

I am still on the look out for fall colors for photos.  It's been windy here in Central Oregon (weather is changing!) and my chance for the colors is getting more limited.

I found these this weekend!

This one is a cheater--those are all deciduous pine trees which obviously don't change colors.  But early this morning, the sun was just coming up behind me and I thought this was a cool picture.

Sign of the changing weather here in Bend is this little bush that had tiny beads of ice early in the morning.  The temps here in the morning are in the low 30s, or even lower.  We had one morning when it was 16*!

We are heading back to California this week and because the weather is obviously warmer, the fall colors are later.  I'm pretty sure my Japanese Maples will be spectacular later this month.

I put away the sampler spree kid quilt and will deliver it to my small quilt group when we meet in a couple of weeks.  So once again I was in the "between quilt projects" funk.  I decided to pull out my purple baskets which were swapped between Wendy Reed (constantquilter), Barb Vedder (funwithbarb) and myself last May.  

I struggled with the setting squares and must admit that i bought some fabric this weekend for those squares.  I'm much happier with these little checks.  And the border stripe, I think, is perfect.  One detail in this process that I love is doing mitered corners! In case you're curious, all these purple fabrics are from Betsy Chutchian's line "Susannah's scraps".  I think I could buy them all (and did order a layer cake...but that's all).

Now I just need to quilt it and it'll be amongst its sisters on my small quilt wall.  I'll  need a ladder hang it, though! ;-)

Now once again I'm in that between quilts stage and stumped as to what to work on--so many ufos.  I'm working on my October mini little by little and did start something using scraps that I saw on a facebook page.  I saw a similar quilt last night that i might opt for instead but it's pretty brainless and goes quickly.

Hope you're going to have a great week! Stay healthy and safe, my friends!




  1. The purple border stripe and other purples you chose for the basket quilt are perfect! Thanks for sharing your lovely fall photos; we are about 2 weeks later than usual for fall foliage here in southern NH and probably a bit past peak.

  2. You found some lovely fall colors!
    The purple baskets really look good with your choices of fabric for the setting squares, triangles and border stripes. Betsy's fabrics always seem to speak to me, too.
    Love seeing that wall of little quilts, and it looks like you have found a good scrapbuster project for when you want to sew without thinking about it. :)

  3. Really pretty Autumn trees; we are just beginning to get a few yellows and reds...
    Loving those baskets and the purples are great...
    Gosh, Ice already?? dwell I know it's coming, but hopefully not too soon.
    Hugs, Julierose

  4. The purple baskets are so classic and pretty. Great choice with your border too. Your small quilt was is WOW! Beautiful fall folliage. We will be getting that kind of color in a few weeks I think.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful Randy !! Ohhh I love it so much !
    Thank you for sharing Autumn pictures !! This is my favorite season !

  6. There's still some nice pictures to be taken up here, if you want to trek all the way up to Canada. VBG. Love your little purple baskets and your choice of fabrics are perfect. Mitered corners! Wish I can do them as beautifully as yours. Great job! Love your wall of fame. Quite a collection you have now. Are those martinis I see in your new project? it's funny. Looking forward to seeing more of it. Enjoy! ;^)

  7. The fall colors have been extra bright and beautiful this year. Your little baskets are so charming and the fabrics for the setting squares and borders are perfect.

  8. pretty fall photos! we have a little color here finally.
    Love your basket quilts. those borders are fab.
    fun scrap project

  9. Great little basket quilt! Love the wall of little quilts. Enjoy your travels home from central OR.

  10. So fun to see your little basket quilt, the border fabric is just the icing on the cake for your little basket creation, hope you show it quilted before you hang it in your studio. Happy fall and thanks for sharing your great foliage pictures :0)

  11. Very cute mini! I love the way you worked the border print to great advantage! That pic of the evergreens in the morning light is wonderful and dramatic! As you say the light gives the illusion of Fall colors! Very cool!