Friday, April 22, 2022

Two bags full

 I'm delighted to say that I finished the second Hawaii bag ready to send to my friends in Kauai.  I still think they're a bit too small; one friend carries her laptop around as well as lunch.  I'm still trying to find the pattern I used previously to make the bigger bags I've made.

I'm pretty sure they'll be delighted but, of course, we are never completely satisfied, right?

The quilt beneath the one on the right is the one I recently finished, which I'm going to deliver to my newest granddaughter Leia next month in Virginia.  It's waiting for the binding to be attached.  The rolled up quilt to its left is the other quilt I finished for the Céçile et Corinne sew along that needs to be quilted.  I was unable to spray baste it in Sunriver because it kept snowing every day!! :-)

We are back in California so I can now share some of the wonderful fabrics I got at the closing sale of the quilt store in Bend -- have you heard of Tilda fabrics?  They're definitely not cheap and originally you couldn't even buy a FQ--only sold in yard increments!  I saw a really cute quilt they had done so I snagged a bunch--even at 50% off, they are pretty pricey!  I think it'll make an adorable girl's quilt!

I did manage to buy yards and yards of other fabrics.  Who can pass up 50% off??  But do you know that fabric is now selling for over $12/yd!!

I definitely don't need to buy any fabric for a while--we'll see how that goes!

I'm hoping to catch up with my Moda Blockheads this weekend and get the binding on and quilt the sew along quilt.

Have a great weekend.  Did I tell you I got my second booster!! WOOHOO.  Boostedx2!!



  1. I adore the Tilda fabrics. I randomly found them in a shop in Japan, sold in small fragments, maybe "fat" 1/16th. Your selection will make such a beautiful girl's quilt (or any quilt).

  2. Lovely Tilda fabrics you got there!! I have one small fat eighth bundle that i am hoarding for something special..(I have to stop hoarding for "Something special" my stash is so full of it!!) Hope your weekend is a good one hugs, Julierose

  3. I was in Flagstaff Arizona in March and stopped at a store that was selling fabrics for $15 a yard. I found the markdown table and purchased fabrics for $6/yard. The Tilda fabrics are lovely, especially at 50% off, happy stitching!

  4. You make great bags, Randy. When Mom passed, I got the one you made for her, so depending on how much I need to take with me when I go to town, I am usually found carrying one bag made by you, or the other.
    The Australian bloggers I follow are often using Tilda fabrics--they are very beautiful. I'm not sure that I have ever seen them in shops in my area. I'll be interested to see what you choose to make from them.

  5. I have invested in a LOT of Tilda fabric; my “Stormy Weather” project is mostly Tilda fabrics. I love the colors and designs and they do seem to have a feminine look and my local quilt shop carries a lot of them. I look forward to seeing what you make!

  6. Your bags look great. I'm sure your friends will love and appreciate them a lot. Don't ever come to Canada for fabric shopping. You will fall off your rockers. They go between $18 to $25 a meter. Now you understand why I love scraps so much, hahaha. Looking forward to seeing what your beautiful new fabric will become. ;^)

  7. lovely fabrics...sticker shock is one reason i think long and hard before buying anything but sometimes you just must!

  8. Sweet bags, lovely fabrics. It's hard to add to our collections as prices continue to add up.

  9. Tilda fabric is so pretty. Fabric here is 20 to 22 dollars a meter now so 12 dollars still sounds like a bargain.

  10. cute cute bags! love those sweet buttons.
    really pretty springy fabrics.
    I got my second booster too - yay!!

  11. fabric is so expensive over here..........Tilda sure is pretty.........

  12. You always inspire me with your bag making! These are super!! I am so behind on my blog reading!! Can't wait to catch up tomorrow!