Monday, May 21, 2012


I came home from Kansas City on Saturday night and spent the day yesterday with friends wine tasting in Napa. Now that's a great way to spend a Sunday. But that means I'm terribly behind and a bit overwhelmed. Not to mention tired.

While traveling to KC, I did work on the latest JT4vr applique block and want to show you what I did.

I actually used fabric from the Cotton Club block of the month (oops) because I just love their reds. Lucky for me Pat brought me more fqs! Dont look too applique leaves room for lots of lessons.

While we were together, Pat had brought along her Lori Smith top she just finished with a fabulous wool applique in the center. Both Debbie and DarLynn are wool applique-ers (as Lori is, too), so I figured it was time to start. What better place than Quilt Market to acquire the tools and a weekend with fabulous experienced wool applique-ers to endeavor to learn?

Here is my first flower. Not overly exciting. But I'm excited to make more...This is one little flower in the whole quilt. If you want to see what it should look like, check out Pat's blog.

I wanted to show you that I really did exercise some restraint in my purchases at Market.  Of course, we HAD to go out to Kansas and several other shops in Missouri to see if there was something we couldn't find at Market but had to have, too.

All the wool is at the bottom left.  All the packages of fqs are tied together and most are Moda and Andover. Now to find someplace to put them!! :-) I see a giveaway in my future!~!

I have pictures to show you some of the things I saw at Market. I'll post those later.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a wonderful Monday.
Love to you all,
Chief Sower, who is planning a BONUS block this week, by the way!


  1. Sure, toss in another bonus block! What is one more to someone who is slipping farther behind each week? : )
    Looks like you lightened the load of the wholesalers at Market. What fun!! Can't wait to see more.

  2. JT4-vr made me laugh! You are way ahead of me... It was nice you could go to KC. I loved seeing the Crown Hallmark store and Shipwreck of the "Steamship Arabia" Museum when I was there a couple years ago. And the KC BBQ got me Hooked on Pulled Pork too!

  3. Glad you had fun in Kansas City. You left on Saturday night and I came to KC on Sunday. Bummer. LOL I was there for our 4 year old granddaughter's birthday party. Looks like you got some great goodies.

  4. It looks like you have had loads of fun! I just started my blocks and really like the techniques you have presented. Is there a discussion group or place everyone is showing pictures of their completed blocks? I don't have a blog so I can't do it that way. The goodies you bought will provide loads of fun. After seeing the sampler made with the cotton club fabrics at Life's A Stitch, I can see excactly why you are in love with them! While at the shop, besides the FW book, I picked up the kit PJ's puzzle pieces. Amy in WI

  5. I love working with wool applique. Wasn't the wool fantastic there? Luckily I just had some cash and stuck with what was in my pocket. No plastic. Great restrain for me too.

  6. Lucky you!!! looks like you had fun shopping how I would love to go to a few of those quilts shops too!

  7. So, are you doing a buttonhole stitch on the wool? Great start! So pretty!!