Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quilt show day

We are having a great time in Sisters! The weather is perfect and it's just great being with friends!


  1. Jealous! But very happy for you!! : )

  2. Heading to Sisters is on my bucket list of quilting places to go some day.
    Enjoy your time there. It does look like lovely weather.

  3. Oh boy! I'm ready to see some quilt pictures :0)
    Have a great time.

    Happy Sewing with your friends

  4. hey how could you show me a booth picture of antique quilts and not show us pictures of whats inside!!!!!
    I am so jealous that your all there, I think I may just need to make this a destination next year.

  5. My quilters envy is showing. I always wanted to go to Sisters. Maybe next year. Thanks for sharing the photos. Hugs

  6. Hi Randy,

    Am I missing a connection to your July 4 blocks to be posted on July 10, then July 11? Or did you make another plan, asyou have been having great company and fun? Thanks for the update. Cathy vJ in MA

  7. Seriously, wish I was there with you all! We had a wild thunder storm this morning and over 1 inch of rain in an hour! It just pounded the garden. It looks like the usual sunny and hot in Sisters. That would be great.