Monday, July 2, 2012

Quilt show preparations

The Sisters quilt show is in two weeks. Since we got up to Oregon this weekend, I volunteered to help out in the quilt show office.  It was a great opportunity to see so many quilts up close.  This is how they have them arranged before the distribution on quilt morning.

This is also only a fraction of the quilts they will be showing on July 14th. I will be posting more pictures during the week, since they have quilts already on display throughout Bend and Sisters.  My retreat buddies (Anne, Bonnie, DarLynn and Debbie) don't start arriving until Saturday.  This week I'm here with Mark and hope to get lots of sewing done.  Lori gets back from Vermont and we are meeting up on Saturday at a French flea market!

Hope everyone has a great week. Watch for more pictures this week!

Love to you all,


  1. How fun to see "behind the scenes". It's been a couple years since I've been to the show. It always conflicts with the Arlington Fly-in and the last couple times I made it to Sisters he heat lost did me in. hope ou guys have fun.

  2. Some day I plan to make it to Sisters and be able to meet you somewhere along the way. Thanks for the peek at preparations.

  3. can't even imagine all the work it must take!
    Have fun! and wishing you a great show.

  4. Oh boy that looks like it is going to be so much fun!
    Take lots of pictures to share and have a happy
    happy retreat with your friends.

    Happy Sewing

  5. (a wee bit green here) I really have to get to Sister one day.
    I was in Portland last fall and Lori and I had plans to meet, but then her Mom got hurt. Maybe next year I can get there and see the show and say hi to you all too.

  6. I'm hoping to make it to the Show. Is there more to see in Bend and Sister right now? I might make it this week-end instead if so. Flea Market- WHERE???? Please let me know so I work on the DH and convince him to make a side trip...

  7. So wish that I was going to Sisters this year. Too much work at the office to allow that.

  8. how lucky are you! that would be fun to be behind the scenes to see how this show is put on...
    Its one show that is on my bucket list to make sure I come to.
    Have fun!
    and yes would love to keep seeing pictures!

  9. Last year I was at the quilt show and I definitely want to be there next year. What a job getting that all organized!! I can't even imagine!