Friday, September 14, 2012

Home at last

I have been staying with my daughter all week, helping out with the new baby and, of course, taking Ryan to breakfast every morning!! It's been great! I came home this afternoon with enough time to send off that machine that wouldn't turn on. UGH.  Fortunately it only cost me $50 to ship it back.

I was sure happy to be rid of it! the business I got it from thinks I'm crazy but I tried to start it again today and nothing happened when I plugged it in. Annoying!! Oh and did I tell you that I found a 1230 on Craigslist?  I'm going to get it next week, after I give it a test drive!!!  Anybody have any experience with that machine?? I love the older Berninas. Can't beat them, IMHO.

Here is darling Ryan at our favorite breakfast place in SF:

And of course, Emma!! What a sweet girl. 4 weeks old today!

Hoping to get some sewing done this weekend. And you know what Wednesday is, right??? Third Wednesday of September!!!! BE READY!!! 

Love to you all,


  1. Glad you got that thing off your hands. Hope the other one works out for you. I've got my Mom's old Bernina 117--60 years old and still works fine.
    Those are a couple of very cute grandkids you have there. : )
    I'm all caught up and ready.

  2. Glad your getting a refund! I've had good luck with Craig's list too. Just bought a featherweight and it's like a dream come true!Purrs like a little kitten! :)

  3. My first bernina was a 1230 your going to love it.
    I wish I would have kept mine but I traded it in when I bought the next one.
    Emma is getting so big! Oh and Ryan is at that fun age isn't he?
    its wonderful that you live so close to them you can visit often and help out too.

  4. The sucky part is that you had to pay to ship it back in the first place. Oh well, better than being out all the money. I hope the 1230 lives up to your expectations.

  5. Sorry about your machine. Ryan is getting so big and Emma is so adorable. Enjoy both. Hugs

  6. I read a couple of Bernina Yahoo group lists. Many of the attendees there talk about their 1230's and how wonderful they are. Thankfully the other purchase is on it's way back!

  7. Yeah for your new Bernina, I'm just sure this one is going to be perfect. Oh Randy, your little Emma is just beautiful and of course Ryan is cute as a button. Only 6 more weeks for me.

  8. I bought my 1230 22 years ago, and have loved her ever since. She's a workhorse machine, and runs beautifully. I do get her serviced by a Bernina shop every other year, to check out her computerized parts. I hope the one you are test driving comes with a walking foot. Mine is great for machine quilting. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Your grand babies are adorable!

  9. I have a gorgeous 1030 that I use is a real workhorse. I have other machines too but this one is my real true sewing companion.
    I'm off to sew with Gwen Marston for the week but just had to stop to say the grandbabies are getting more adorable arms ache to hold little Emma!
    Stop by my blog and see what I did with your scraps :0).

    Happy Sewing Nana and don't let those "nnoying" issues stop you from find a
    great Bernina. They don't get sold very often until old folks like me die and their husbands sell the machines :0)

  10. I had a 1230 and it sewed up a storm and never a problem. I gave it to a lady who really needed a decent machine and could not afford one when I upgraded to a newer machine.

  11. Good bye to that broken machine
    I love that picture of Ryan. I bet he is missing you and breakfast about now. Emma is just adorable. I bet your daughter will be missing you too.

  12. I had a 1230 and the worst mistake I ever made was trading it in on another machine. LOVED the 1230. The 1260 is known as the "quilter's machine" but only because it has a couple more stitches than the 1230 ... nothing to worry about (IMHO). Glad you were able to rid yourself of that bad karma machine ... nothing but good things are going to happen now. I've never done anything on Craigs List though I hear about it all the time. Grandbabies are GORGEOUS ... you just want to smother them in kisses all the time. ENJOY!