Monday, September 10, 2012

You'd think I'd learned....

Well, how does that expression go? The first time you fail, it's not your fault. Second time, if you make the same mistake, you're dumb. Or something like that, right?

What am I ranting bout? I bought another Bernina 1130 sort of on ebay...was really happy with it, although I only sewed a few minutes, just to be sure it worked. Parked it until I got home from helping with baby yesterday.
Sewed about an hour last night, then another hour today and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the friggin thing TURNED OFF.  All by itself. NO POWER!

OMG. Am I frustrated? Do I feel stupid??

So I emailed the woman/business I purchased it from telling her it's not working.  I checked the paypal website and they have purchase protection so I should be able to get my money back.

But I am not a happy camper...

I know others have had similar experiences with buying machines on ebay and getting junk. This was looking good. And then: BOOM.... DEAD.

Other than that, it's a great Monday. Claire came over for a bit, which was fabulous.  I worked on my JTForever blocks, trying to catch up.

I'm heading back to SF today again to stay with my daughter to help them some more with the baby. Oh, I'm loving it.

Hope you're having a great week!

Love to you all,
Randy, feeling pretty stupid today!


  1. I thought you only liked 1080's? I told you I love my 1260, but you are right, you live and learn. Better luck next time...or is there going to be a next time????

  2. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me! that's what we always said. but don't feel bad. you just wanted to believe the best of people/things. hope you get your money back okay.

  3. That has got to be maddening! I bought an accordion off of ebay once, when my son was wanting to learn how to play. That thing was as described--except for the horribly musty smell that we couldn't shake after days in the solarium or with fabric softener sheets in the case--or spraying the case down with febrez, or anything else we tried. Made me very skittish about ordering from ebay.

  4. I bought a Kenmore on Ebay...from this guy who said he was a sewing machine repairman who was now retired. I wanted the machine because my friend had one just like it and I really liked it. I had nothing but trouble with it from the day I got it...I finally decided that I have driven Fords all my life and this beast was a Chevrolet! Its so frustrating, I sure hope you get your money back! Now I am having the same problems with my brand spanking new Tin Lizzie Longarm...heaven help me! Good luck!

  5. Awwww, that must be so frustrating! I've quit buying things on Ebay. I've had too many bad experiences. Does your local sewing center have used machines? Mine does, and they are always checked out prior to being resold and have a 90day warranty. People trade them in on newer machines. I got an Elna once this way. It was only 6 months old, and I wound up getting it for 1/2 the new price.

  6. So sorry to read you got a Lemon Machine again. Hope the refund comes quickly so you can invest it elsewhere. Have fun with the baby in the meantime. Maybe that is why Bonnie only buys at Antique shops those old Featherweights and Barbies.

  7. Sorry to read of your woes re: that machine. I'm too chicken to buy much of anything on E-bay but known supplies like bobbins and computer cartridges and books. I've read too many negative stories like yours and others in these comments. Yup -- I'm a chicken.
    Enjoy that baby! Grandma time is even more enjoyable than Mommy time ever was, if that's possible. Both are wonderful, but there's an extra joy spending time with a grandchild.

  8. That just plain sucks. I do hope you get your refund quickly.

  9. That is really strange. Why would just stop? What did the seller say to your email?

  10. I don't buy anything that I cannot sit down and play with before giving them my money. But I am wondering, the way it just stopped, are you sure that maybe it is a loose connection somewhere?

  11. :( Sorry. Hope you can get your money back.
    I never buy anything on Ebay....not cause I am smart, just because I have to touch and try everything. (My Mom was always tellingus not to touch anything when we went in stores. Probably for a good reason).
    Enjoy those adorable grands.

  12. glad you can get your money back, thats really too bad.
    enjoy that baby time!

  13. you shouldn't feel stupid, it's the luck of the draw on ebay...just have to keep your fingers crossed and hold your breath until you see/use it in person.