Friday, September 28, 2012

Third Sow-A-Long block

It's been a busy week and I'm sorry I didn't get this block to you sooner. I was helping out with the baby all week and only got back last night.

Think of this as a bonus block!


Little 4-patches:
Background:  Cut (1) strip 1-1/4" x 12"
                   cut (4) 2" squares
Dark:            Cut (1) strip 1-1/4"" x 12"
Sewing two strips together, cross cut 8 of them at 1-1/4" intervals; sew together in pairs and make (4) sets of 4-patches -  2" unf, 1-1/2" fin. Sew these small 4-patches to a "solid" background to make another 4-patch unit 3-1/2" unf, 3" fin

Large 4-patches:
Background:   Cut (1) strip 2" x 10"
Medium:        cut (1) strip 2" x 10"
Sewing two strips together, cross cut 4 of them at 2" intervals; sew together to make (2) 4 patches, 3-1/2" unf, 3"" fin.

I'm leaving in the morning for my retreat in Wisconsin so I'll be posting from there. My plan is to post the next 3 blocks on Wednesday from the retreat.

Oh, and I didn't get to pick a winner from the 500 followers...I will do it later tonight! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Love to you all,


  1. Randy, I am laughing....not even kidding!! I just finished my blocks from your last post....took a sigh....feeling good about being all done and just got on the computer. I was right on track for all of 2 minutes!!! LOL

    I love the last two blocks, and really love how my blocks came out!! Can't wait to cut this one tomorrow, when I am not so tired!!

    Are you going to sash your blocks?? I am trying to figure out to sash or not to sash!! Have a great week!! Thanks for posting!!!

  2. This looks like one I can handle!
    I'm still waiting for an answer from you on a recent email I sent. (hint, hint) VBG

  3. I totally agree with Coloradolady! Except, she is one block ahead of me! And...WHAT?!?!...Wednesday we get more blocks? THIS WEDNESDAY? Where in the world does the time go?

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