Saturday, March 28, 2015

First day's progress

Once again I'm amazed by the productivity of these Wisconsin quilters! They're prolific and have such great taste in fabrics!! They inspire me to focus!! We know I need the help!! Vbg

I did get my Barbara Brackman Stars in a Time Warp all caught up!!
They said purple!!  

Double pink


Poison green. Can you see the arrows I used for the background? I got it at JJ's Stitches. 
Matters. Or is it Madder??

Here are some pictures of what some of the women have sewn already!

That's a pattern from the Jelly Roll

This was made using one woman's late husband's shirts!

This has a small wool appliqu├ęd center. The hsts are very small!

This is Pat's X's and O's, which I'm very happy I finished last fall!

I've also been working on a swap we've done based on a quilt in Fons and Porter's magazine last fall called Cheddar Delight. There are lots of quarter square triangles which are fortunately not terribly small!

We took a trip today to Spring Green's Country Sampler. I'll show you the pictures tomorrow. 


  1. Look at you go on the star blocks. LOVE that purple one. : )
    Great projects going on among your talented group. I am smitten by the Cheddar Delight!

  2. Your stars look great and you chose lovely fabrics !
    Love all the projects...specially the one with cheddar !!
    Have a nice Sunday ! :)

  3. Great projects! I really love the cheddar delight!

  4. Nice projects Randy! Your cheddar delight looks great on that long table.

    Questions, the x and o quilt, that's like the one on your blog header right? Who did that pattern?
    Also on the husbands shirts blocks you photoed, I can see a pattern to each block yet it appears kind of random. Is she using a pattern for that block, can you ask her what it is?

  5. I absolutely LOVE the cheddar fabric ... do you know if it is a Jo Morton print? I want to do something with cheddar as my "neutral" but just haven't found it yet ... this looks like it might fit the bill. Could you SEND me a clip of it so I can try and find here? I'll PM you my address if you'd like. Happy to pay the postage! ALL the projects look great ... I just LOVED Spring Green ... Taliesen, Frank Lloyd Wright and all ... it's GORGEOUS in the late Spring/Summer and fall colors are breathtaking. The place you're retreating at looks like it would be wonderful. Glad you are enjoying! Linda

  6. Looks like everyone is having an absolute blast creating beautiful works of art! Love that x's and o's! Delish!