Monday, March 2, 2015

Name that quilt (s) - CONTEST

Are you very good at coming up with names for your quilts? I'm terrible!! I love putting labels on quilts but adding a name is always a challenge for me. I'm going to try to sell some of my quilts this summer at the Sisters Quilt Show and all the quilts require names!!

So I'm having a contest: name this quilt!!
Actually there are several!!
Here we go:

This was made using the layer cake and French General fabric line. 

This was an antique top I bought some years ago. 

I put this together using blocks from an old swap. 

I think I bought these half square triangles and sewed them together into pinwheels. I have one more needing a name but it's not on my phone. 

Winners will be announced Friday!! I've got lots to give away!

Thanks for your help!


  1. RANDY! That last one is PINWHEEL PARADISE!! At least to it!! How about NINE PATCH NIRVANA for your lovely antique rescue!!

  2. Piccadilly - Trafalgar Square - Wimbledon - Old Kent Road.
    Do you fancy any of them?

  3. I have a friend that is so great at naming things--sadly, I'm not! So, here's my feeble attempt in order:
    Square Dance, Patch of Blue,Colorful Crowns, Pinafore Pinwheels.

  4. What beautiful quilts Randy! DELICIOUS as usual! In order from top to bottom: "Courtepointe" ("quilt" in French), "Rustic Rubix," "Eskimo Summer," and "Spin Your Partner."

  5. I'm not very good at naming either, but I offer these. How about:
    1) Cornerstone Classic; 2) Creamsicle Ninepatch; 3) Azteca and 4) Spin Me Up
    Good luck!

  6. I'm drawing a blank and you have received some good suggestions, so I will bow out. : )

  7. How about Tic Tac Toe for the second one and Pinwheel Pizzazz for the last one. The other two, ???I struggle with that as well. Good luck

  8. Well let's go !
    Blue morning - Sweet Rosie - Blocks over the sea - it's Springtime for pinwheels !
    Good luck !

  9. Your first quilt: "Around the Block Again"; 2nd: Peach Pie"; 3rd:"Fear of Flying"; and last:"Pinwheel Party" Maybe??? I find that while I am working on a quilt a name seems to pop up to me...or sometimes my DH is good at saying something that makes a name spring to mind. Hugs Julierose

  10. For what it's worth: (1) Walking around the block (2) Quiet 9-Patch (3) Swap Meet (4) Pinwheels Galore
    They're all great quilts!!!

  11. Here's my submission: Windows, Checkers, Royal Colors and Pinwheel Patches.

  12. Only can think of names for last two
    Indian Suns and Pinwheel Magic

  13. How about "Pam's Quilts"? Lol - Loving that pinwheel!

  14. Randy, what a fun idea! Everyone has had such good names. Okay, here are some of my ideas. For quilt #1) Squared Away, Sitting in the Corner, or Lafayette. #2) Plain and Simple, Back to the Basics, or In The Beginning (because as beginner quilters we start with 9 patches) #3) Blueberry Garden #4) Pinwheel Heaven or Swing Your Partner. I will keep thinking and might have some more ideas.

  15. Oh I want to play too!! The first thing that came to my mind when I looked at the pictures were: #1 The French's Marching In. (people in the border?) #2 Hopscotch (don't know why) #3 Mardi Gras #4 Windy Day. - you will end up with so many wonderful suggestions, you'll have to do a thousand quilts more lol.

  16. Fun! (1) Jackson Square (as in French Quarter of New Orleans); (2) En Pointe Precision (precise and on point); (3) Austin Arrowhead (reminds me of Indian arrowheads and the colors around Austin, TX); and (4) Windmills of My Mind (from the song). Linda

  17. 1, American Comfort 2, Peachy Patches or if it's pink, I can't tell for sure, Pink 'N Patches or Thirty by Nine, 3, Galaxy Stars and 4, Pinwheel Posies
    Thanks for a fun game! They're all very pretty. I bet they'll sell quickly.

  18. There have been some great suggestions. Here are mine.
    1st quilt - Quarry
    2nd quilt - Hurricane Lantern
    3rd quilt - "Mama, she's pokin' me!"
    4th quilt - Welcome Breeze

  19. Here are my suggestions:
    Nine on point
    All the Colors of the Anvil
    Summer Breezes

  20. Linda A
    My choices are
    Rogue General
    Black and White and Peach all over
    Royal Swap
    Wheels a turnin

  21. Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice - Sorry - I just couldn't resist. Alice is my favorite. You could call Bob "General Confusion".

  22. Your quilts are beautiful. I am really bad at naming anything. When ever naming quilts comes up my reply is "I was barely able to name my children". Sadly it is pretty true.

  23. I'm bad with names too, and you made it harder with four names! Okay, here are mine: French Courtyard, Hopscotch, Dream Ripples, and Whirly World.