Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Circa 2016 and a little appliqué

I'm trying to stay up to date with this weekly project from Temecula quilts.This week's assignment was to make 28 hourglass blocks!!

I am sorry to admit that I couldn't get the measurement right on the companion angle ruler so I made them how I always do: I made half square triangles, put two together with the opposite fabrics matching and sewed on both sides of the diagonal line. Then squared them up since they were too large!! Better big than too small is my motto!!

Two pairs:

And then I decided to actually do a little appliqué, remembering that I can sew the pieces down by machine!! Duh!!

This is the first block in the 1857 Album Quilt. I'm just a bit behind!!

Did I mention that my Brrnina 1130 started having issues after I made that great bag?? Ugh!! That'll teach me! 

 The feed dogs stopped feeding the fabric!  I took it to my mechanic and the machine then worked. Took it home and was able to sew for 5 minutes before it did the same thing again. You know where this is going, right??!!  
Took it in yesterday and it worked. My friend Bonnie suggested it stops when it gets heated up.  Grrrrr
I am going to try a Bernina shop tomorrow and see what they have to say!! Ever heard of this?? No, the feed dogs are not down!! And yes, the machine otherwise works.  

It's my favorite every day machine so I'm now using my gorgeous black 301, which may have sabotaged the whole thing!!  I'll keep you posted!


  1. Oh my Pfaff had a similar problem--and I ended up spending $160 for two repairs before I gave up on it and bought Helga--I don't know if the repair person was at fault or if the machine had just been worn is still in my basement all packed up. i also have a 301 which I really don't like--I should sell it....
    Anyhoo---love your hourglass blocks and I make them that way too. Colors are so pretty in the 1857 quilt...hugs, Julierose

  2. The feed dogs on my Bernina 1230 stopped working a few years ago. The owner of the shop I took it to said they'd seen it a lot with that model. After I got it back I realized it had probably been broken for quite a while because it was so much easier to sew with after it was fixed.

    Barbara at Stash Overflow

  3. That's exactly how I did my QST too--except I did the math wrong and prepped 14 sets so would have made 56 units. Found my error after getting 44 done. Maybe I'm just ahead...

  4. I'll enjoy your progress on the Temecula SAL, since I am holding strong in my position not to join. You don't know how hard that is. In my early days of blogging I was such a Temecula junkie! : )
    Does the 301 do zig-zag so you can continue with your applique?
    Hope they can get your machine fixed.

  5. I had the same problem with my ?Bernina 1230 a couple of years ago and the mechanic (not a Bernina specialist) I took the machine to told me nothing could be done and he'd take it off my hands for scrap! Couldn't quite part with it so brought it home and tried once more - there was a " clonk" and it sewed perfectly and has ever since! This year I had it fully serviced by a Bernina specialist and am so pleased I didn't just throw it away as I love that machine. Celia in England

  6. Hi Randy
    On the Temecula hour glass blocks. Doing it your way did you start with 2.5 inch squares, make 2 HST, then sew on each side of drawn line? I guess I'm asking what size did you start with?
    Love reading your blog.