Thursday, February 25, 2016

Westerns Women block 2, sort of

Well I was very excited to make the second block in the new Barbara Brackman series. I pulled fabrics and was very happy sewing on my newly repaired Bernina (more on that later). 

Imagine my surprise when I looked at my block on the design wall and saw this version of the block!!

I will probably fix it although I do like things to be a little mixed up once in a while. And I hate unsewing!!

I mostly finished putting together my stars in a time warp. I just need to add the borders. 

As for my Bernina, I had a problem with the feed dogs--they stopped moving!!  I brought it to two people to fix it and was relieved when the second one said it needed lubrication in a hard to reach place. Whew!!

What was helpful was the information the repairman gave me:  he told me to change my needle after 8 hrs of sewing (I used to do it after 3 bobbins). The biggest surprise was that he said to oil the machine when it was hot, after using it for a while!! Did you know that??

Now for the laugh of the day:
My 6 yr old grandson and I were talking in the car yesterday. Somehow the subject of my age came up and I told him how old I am (65).  His reply was:
You might die soon, Nana!!
Very cute!!


  1. Love your star quilt!
    The trick with the block looks like one I'd do.

  2. Love that star quilt. Did you tell your grandson you had too much fabric to die soon? hehehe

  3. Great setting for your stars. I Like the way you changed the colors on the setting squares and triangles. This really sparkles!
    Aren't grandkids fun? *LOL*

  4. Oups for the Indian block ....
    Your Stars quilt is sooo beautiful !! I love it Randy....
    I laughed a lot with your grandson...hihihi !!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! Good tips on machine needles and oiling, Out of the mouths of babs--he might feel differently when he reaches that age

  6. I love the block! I'd leave it just the way it is. It is already better than mine which hasn't been started yet! I love the stars top. Looking forward to seeing what you choose for a border. And, let's hope your grandson's prediction is way off! Kids do say the darndest things.

  7. Love your Stars in a Time Warp, nice to change up those setting squares. I oil my Bernina every 2 bobbins, so the machine is in use when I do that. It's only 1-2 drops of oil and not in a hard-to-reach spot. I do get it serviced every year, when I'm on a 2 week work trip.

  8. Hehe! That's my kind of blooper too.
    Love how you arranged your star quilt. It looks like dawn breaking through the night. Very dramatic. Love it.
    Yes, I know I should change my needle more often. (Bad girl!) ;^)

  9. Do love the setting squares and triangles in your stars quilt. I do agree with Chantal's comment above me that it is very dramatic, it sparkles!

  10. Love your Stars in a Time Warp setting! I hadn't heard to oil when the machine is warmed up--I'll have to remember that. I was told by a Handiquilter educator not to use Bernina oil--it has a wax in it that will freeze up the machine so you are forced to take it in to be serviced. It sounds pretty far fetched to me, but I quit using it just in case--lol!

  11. Kids are so funny! Of course, when it comes to age, they can't wrap their heads around it. Another funny thing is how they react when they find out that their parents have a mom and dad.

  12. your star quilt is turning out just great!!! leave the oops, i like it. oiling a machine...debbie dodge would say "see, i told you so". purchased a pack of 50 (?) needles on massdrop x2. have a pack upstairs and down. makes changing needles much more likely. have a good weekend.

  13. I love the wonky block and your stars quilt is fabulous!!!! And Ryan, what a hoot! Fotunately not all that comes out of the mouths of babs is naive wisdom!

  14. I love how the solid indigo blocks set off the star blocks. Lovely!