Sunday, April 3, 2016

Circa 2016, do over

I think square in a square isn't my favorite block!!! Ugh!! I even followed the instructions but my first set of blocks were too large!! At least they weren't too small, which is usually my problem!!

So I made the first set of triangles a little smaller and didn't stress over the points. It won't matter, right??

Now back to the real challenge:

I'm going to sew this section together, although I'll need a few spacer strips still. And then I will try to figure out the rest!

I am leaving early Tuesday for a retreat in Wisconsin with my friends there and will plan to finish it this week, along with the remaining Cheri blocks. 

The surprise is that I am having dinner near Chicago with my very dear and old friend Bonnie, who is teaching there, as well as meeting our dear friend Val as well. I hope to stop by her shop first!!  I'm renting a car this time so I'll be able to make this little detour on my way to Janesville. Pictures to follow!!


  1. I think your blocks will be fine. I sometimes think instructions are a little off and you can follow them to a "T" and come out with cut off points--at least that is my story. : )
    Your Wisconsin friends will help you whip that kindergarten quilt into shape, I'm sure. What are friends for, right?
    How fun that it worked out for you to meet up with Bonnie. Safe travels!

  2. Safe travels to the wilds of Wisconsin and IL. How fun that you get to meet up with your friends Bonnie and Val. Your retreat friends will help you with that class quilt. Have fun and looking forward to your next posts.

  3. Oh boy a retreat! The kindergarten quilt is coming along beautifully.

  4. Chicago is my old "hometown" ... love it still. Give my best to Bonnie ... we had our guild meeting tonight (Rumpled Quilts Kin) and a number of people had their finished projects ... told them they HAD to send a copy to Bonnie as she loves to see finished projects. Travel safe and have fun ... LOVE retreating with friends ;-) Linda H