Thursday, April 28, 2016

More Nantes quilts

I've been a bad blogger this past week so I'm late in posting more pictures from the Quiltmania show. Forgive me! Lots of babysitting!

The show was organized around the featured quilters. One which was just amazing was Yoko Saito. Here are some of her quilts:

There were some modern quilts which I'm not usually crazy about but these caught my eye!

I never met a basket I didn't like!!

Blue and baskets?? Perfect combo!!

Look at the quilting in this!!

Can you imagine doing all those points?

I still have more to show but in the meantime I'll show you my doll quilt that I made and sent off to Virginia!  It's international--I pieced it in Wisconsin and did the Primitive hand quilting in France. How exciting is that?  Hopefully she will like it!  It's a Lori Smith pattern btw. 

And last night I caught up on my Circa 2016 blocks, which I really enjoyed!

My Cheri quilt is coming along although differently than the plan!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to share more Nantes pictures during the kids' naps!!  Did I mention that we will have a new grand baby in November??!! Yup! My son and his wife are expecting!! Life is not just good-- it's phenomenal!


  1. Congrats to Ben and Julia! It's great you love to babysit them!!
    The quilts are amazing. Yoko is very talented.
    You did hand quilt your little quilt! LOL I like it!!

    1. my comment made it sound like you babysit Ben and Julia.... hahahaha You know what I meant. :)

  2. MORE amazing quilts and I absolutely LOVE anything by Yoko Saito ... to have seen anything of hers upclose and personal would have been humbling for me. I have all her books which I have looked at from front to back with the knowledge they are eye candy and NOT something I will ever attempt. She is awesome!! The quilting, the colors, the variety ... must have been overload. THEN the news that you're going to be a grandmother AGAIN ... well, life just can't get any better. So very happy for you!! Linda

  3. I'm having heart failure from all the fabulousness! thanks.

  4. Yoko's quilts make me swoon! She must quilt in her sleep. I adore the baskets with the blue border. Such great photos, thanks for sharing. I love your little Churn Dash quilt. I'm sure the recipient will be delighted! And congratulations on your new grandbaby news.

  5. Oh, no! Somebody rush life support to Barb!!
    It is such an inspiring show!
    I have to say, your little doll quilt gets around more than I do. : )
    Congrats on a new grandbaby!! Will this one live close by?

  6. Congratulations on the new grandbaby! Wonderful news. Love the your "international' doll quilt. I am at a loss for words on the quilt show quilts! Thank you for sharing your photos.