Thursday, April 14, 2016

My own progress

I worked on my Cheri blocks as well as the Circa 2016!

 LeAnn made a cute apron from this pattern. I need to do this!

We are heading out of town for the week so I'll be quiet until next week when I'll be sending you pictures from an exotic quilt show!! Any guesses?? Whoever guesses right wins a prize upon my return!!


  1. You are keeping up better than me on the Circa blocks. I forgot to check last Friday to see what I needed to make. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Pour l'Amour du Fil? Quiltmania's show in Nantes?

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  4. Great looking blocks, Randy.
    Have fun, wherever it is that you are going. I have no clue, but looks like you have had some good guesses.

  5. Exotic show ?? Quiltmania in Nantes is not exotic (ah ! Ah !) so I Florida or Caribbean show ?

  6. Love all those sweet little blocks. No guesses on the "exotic" show, but I look forward to seeing what you saw!